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Gameplay: Supercross 3

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Monster Energy Supercross 3 will be released in a little over a month, so it is hardly surprising that more content is beginning to leak. The first official gameplay video was released by the folks at Milestone earlier today. The focus of this video is on the all-new compound, which is one of their biggest selling points this time around.

There are a few different ways to dissect this gameplay video. The environment does not exactly scream realism, although a quick look at their website states that this is the “legendary supercross test area in California.” It does not look like an exact replica, which is a great shame, but then maybe there is more to this compound than what one can see in the gameplay video?  It does feel like the Monster Energy Supercross career mode is for the hardcore fans, then this compound is something to pull in the average player.

Video: Milestone Team | Lead Image: Milestone Team


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