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Mixed Day for Honda World Motocross

Honda World Motocross racer Max Nagl was disappointed not to capitalise on his second place finish in the opening moto of today in Uddevalla, Sweden, as he was left on the back foot with a start straight collision and took 10th in the second race for round 10 of the MX1 World Championship.

After yesterday’s wet qualifying race it was a complete contrast in conditions for today at the sandy, Swedish track, with dust kicking up from the first moto this lunchtime. Nagl holeshotted the first race with an outstanding start aboard his Dunlop-shod factory CRF450R, and was side-by-side with teammate Evgeny Bobryshev into the first turn.

Antonio Cairoli took the lead, but Nagl demonstrated a masterful performance by staying with Cairoli and stretching a gap over third placed Clement Desalle, although the one good line around the track made it difficult to make up time. The German Honda racer maintained good lap times, and while he was unable to catch the race leader, he rode sensibly to maintain a superb second position. Bobryshev retired after battling for fourth place, as he twisted his ankle, which has only recently healed from a fracture, and was in immense pain.

Nagl got a good jump off the gate for race two, but Jeremy van Horebeek spun off the line and collided with the Honda pilot, which nearly took both riders down. Nagl emerged from the first turn in 14th position and worked his way to eighth, but made a mistake and crashed while trying to make a pass on van Horebeek.

From 15th Nagl battled to ninth, but with almost too much determination he began making mistakes and was forced to settle for 10th at the chequered flag, which confirmed him in fourth position in the overall standings, following a penalty for Tommy Searle.

X-rays between motos thankfully showed no new bone fractures for Bobryshev and the Russian racer decided to take on the second moto. Unfortunately his start wasn’t the best, and although he fought hard mid-pack, with the goal of getting more race time under his belt, he stalled the bike and was unable to kick it off mid-moto with the lack of power in his right leg.

Cairoli won both races to take the overall win.

Max Nagl #12: 4th overall

“In the first heat I got a great start and was following Tony. I was looking at his lines and tried to make up some time, but we got in a good rhythm and we pulled away from the rest of the pack. I was happy with the result. Before the second race I felt good and my gate jump was good, but Jeremy was next to me and he spun into me. He hit my bike so hard that we almost crashed together, and then the start was done. I turned inside and was riding aggressively, but well in the first few laps, as I got into the top eight, but I crashed when I lost the front wheel and ended up back in 15th. I got the bike going with one kick, passed all the guys I had gotten by before, but then I went down again. After that first crash I was a bit destroyed mentally, as I was feeling so much pressure to be on the podium. I was riding too aggressively and very close to a big crash, so I had to slow down and try to finish the race. The track was slippery in places but good in others. It was tricky, but I enjoyed it, although after crashing I had a bit of a headache from feeling so much pressure, and I just finished 10th. I’m disappointed, as I know with two starts we can be on the podium, but we just aren’t quite there yet.”

Evgeny Bobryshev #777: DNF

“It was a disastrous day for me. The track was fine this morning, and in the first race I got a good start. I was pushed a little on the second straight and ended up fifth at the end of the first lap. I was battling with Steven Frossard in the first few laps and made a move, but I stepped on the ground in a corner in an awkward position with my right foot, which was the same ankle I broke. It’s not 100% healed and I had a lot of pain with a big crack, so I thought I had broken it again. I was in agony and almost in tears, so I had to pull off the track. The X-ray was good with no more damage, and after some painkillers I decided to race. The start wasn’t so great, and I was in the middle of the pack, but I couldn’t ride properly with the foot. It was annoying, as I am suffering in the right corners, almost riding like a novice, because I can’t use the right leg. Then I stalled and couldn’t get going again with the pain kicking the bike off, but I have to say thanks to the team, as we are keeping our heads up and doing our best to find the form we know we can.”

Lorenzo Resta: Honda World Motocross Team Manager

“We are disappointed because with the first race result it could have been much better. It’s been strange, because yesterday the weather was so bad, but today it was completely different. Both riders got good starts in the first race, and after this they were battling for second and fourth. Bobby twisted his foot and it was a real struggle for him to walk, but he was brave to take on the second race with a big effort. Max had a good first race, but a bad start in the second and he was trying so hard to come back. He put himself under enormous pressure and made a lot of mistakes. It’s a big shame, but we need two clean starts to capitalise on the capabilities we have.”

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