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First Look: Dalecin in Czechia

A fair amount of action has been available to fans in the United States, but European enthusiasts have been starved of any form of racing since the Grand Prix of The Netherlands in March. It has been a while! The first national series to start up again was always going to receive a significant amount of attention, but who gets that much-needed boost? The Czechia Motocross Championship, which was barely on the radar of teams and riders before now.

The (delayed) opening round of the Czech series will be run at the old-school circuit of Dalecin this weekend. What are the circuits actually like in that country? Loket is obviously well known, as one of the oldest Grand Prix venues, but very little is known about what the rest of the country has to offer. The track preview below that was published by the promoters confirms that every track is actually old school and slick.

Video: Cesky Motokros | Lead Image: Ray Archer


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