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Featherstone & Hume in Oakleaf Kawasaki Academy

The oakleaf Kawasaki academy have new rookie/mxy2 Gradie Featherstone and BW85 Rider Tom Hume , 2 talented youth riders will be competing at Redbull and Maxxis events , this is the start of the commitment of bringing youth in all stages through to the pro ranks backed by oakleaf Kawasaki , the academy will be attending training sessions with the teams pro riders and and will be representing the team through out the uk in all major youth events .

Team Manager Shaun Anthony:

I have a been supporting youth the last 2 seasons and have helped jake Millward and Tommy Alba  towards there goals which has been a great success with jake taking the rookie youth championship in 2012 , I look forward to the 2013 season working with these guys and showing the importance of youth to our sport.

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