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Excerpt: David Luongo

There has always been some doubt whether the 2021 FIM Motocross World Championship would actually begin in Russia, a rather unconventional place for a season opener. That was the subject of this MX Vice feature earlier today. Now, speaking at the start of the latest MXGP Mag, David Luongo has confirmed that he looks forward to seeing everyone in Russia on June 13. With just a month to go, it seems as though it is all systems go. All roads lead to Orlyonok!

“In a month’s time, we will be landing in Orlyonok, Russia, for the first MXGP round of the 2021 season. All the top riders are finalising their preparation to be ready on the thirteenth of June! We are very enthusiastic to get closer to this moment after such a long winter break.

“I would like to specially thank the organiser of the MXGP of Russia and the president of the Motorcycling Federation of Russia, Mr. Alexander Dzheus for his great support in such a challenging time and for making this Grand Prix happen. As promoter of the world’s most popular off-road championship on two wheels, we can always count on fantastic and very passionate organisers all around the world. This year will be no exception!”

There was another interesting titbit, relating to the COVID-19 protocol within the paddock. Luongo mentioned that Infront Moto Racing are constantly monitoring the situation in different countries, as well as government restrictions and vaccination programmes. It seemed as though, to begin with anyway, it’ll all be very similar to last year with mandatory COVID-19 tests before and during events.

“While we will be waiting for the majority of the paddock to be vaccinated, we will continue to put in place a strict sanitary protocol in order to protect the different stakeholders of the championship. See you in Russia!”

When the 2021 FIM Motocross World Championship begins in Russia on June 13, it would have been 218 days since gates dropped at the 2020 finale in Italy. Let’s go racing! The latest MXGP Mag is available HERE.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Bavo Swijgers


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