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Evotech Stevens KTM Continues Red Bull Pro Nationals Lead

Things heated up at the third round of the Red Bull Pro Nationals at Culham this past weekend. Summer replaced miserable weather earlier in the week, and the track looked prime on Saturday morning.

Team rider Steve Lenoir soon set the pace for the MX2 class by setting pole with a1:59.302.

Later on Saturday, first race went anything but how Lenoir was expecting it to go. Taken down on the start, Lenoir fought his way forward from the rear of the pack, ending the race fifth in the MX2 class. On Sunday, the second race of the weekend went much better. Here Lenoir found himself consistently in second before losing a position with a third to go, before going down, restarting and finishing in third.

In the final race of the weekend, Lenoir again had his hands full on the increasingly dusty track. After a great start in second, Lenoir kept class race Bryan Mackenzie in striking distance throughout, making his move with just a few laps to go. His challenge was unsuccessful however and he had to make do with a second in the race. His consistency paid off in the end though as he took home third on the day, continuing his lead in the championship.

Steven Lenoir – MX2 #685

“Yesterday was tough, I got a good start but I got wiped out in the second corner. I came back from twentieth to fifth in the MX2, so the pace was there but that’s racing. In the second race, I was just behind Neville for the lead and I made a mistake and the front washed out and I finished third. In the last race I rode solid, I raced my own race, I caught up to Bryan for the lead but I didn’t have enough speed to pass him, so fair play to him. I lost a few points but it could’ve been a lot worse. Now to work hard for the next one.”

Matt Hutchins – Team principal

“It’s been a good day for us, but we were a bit unlucky with crashes and first-turn pileups but Steven’s riding really well and made a really good recovery from last week. I’m really pleased and we’ve got a good lead in the championship now. We’ll work hard over the next few weeks and keep improving.”

MX2 Overall result

1. Martin Barr ( Travel KTM) 67, 2. Neville Bradshaw (Putoline Honda) 63, 3. Steven Lenoir (Evotech Stevens KTM) 58, 4. Bryan MacKenzie (Pendrich Kawasaki) 45, 5. Matthew Moffat (Drysdale KTM UK) 45, 6. Lewis Tombs (JAR Honda By IFS) 42, 7. Graeme Irwin (Heads & All Threads Suzuki UK) 42, 8. Josh Waterman (KTM) 41, 9. Edward Allingham (MBO Yamaha) 38, 10. Steven Clarke (HM Plant KTM UK) 35.
MX2 Championship Standings
1. Steven Lenoir (Evotech Stevens KTM) 200, 2. Neville Bradshaw (Putoline Honda) 185, 3. Graeme Irwin (Heads + All Threads Suzuki) 162, 4. Bryan Mackenzie (Pendrich Kawasaki) 140, 5. Lewis Tombs (JAR Honda by IFS) 118, 6. Matthew Moffat (Drysdale KTM UK) 117, 7. Luke Remmer (Vancraft Kawasaki) 101, 8. Jake Millward (Oakleaf Kawasaki) 89, 9. Nathan Watson (HM Plant KTM UK) 88, 10. Lewis Trickett (iFly Lanes Kawasaki) 85.

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