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The circuit of Horensbergdam in Genk will host the seventh edition of the ‘Everts & Friends Charity Race’. This unique motocross event will take place Sunday 29 July with all proceeds going to charity.

Stefan Everts, ten-times Motocross World Champion and Race Director at KTM, again takes on the challenge with his colleagues from the MX1 and MX2 World Championship classes for this event exclusively.

Also on the participants list in Genk: Jeffrey Herlings (TBC), Evgeny Bobryshev, Ken De Dycker, Jeremy Van Horebeek, Jonathan Barragan, Joël Roelants, Tanel Leok, Rui Goncalves, Johan Boonen, Manuel Priem, Eddy Seel, Danny Theybers, Jordi Tixier, Yentl Martens,… and – back on the bike – Steve Ramon!

And a premier for Belgium will see the guest appearance of 3 times Dakar winner Marc ComaRicky Carmichael and Chad Reed were also contacted. Unfortunately Carmichael had already committed to Loretta Lynn’s Amateur Championship and Chad Reed was hoping on a green light from his doctor but unfortunately he was not given clearance to start riding.

In the new ‘Cyclo MX Race’ a top motocross rider and a cyclocross racer will team up. Stefan Everts received confirmations from two times Junior World Champion Lars van der Haar, Bart Wellens, Rob Peeters, Sven Vanthourenhout, Ben Berden, Geert Wellens, Marc Janssens, Jan Verstraeten, Vincent Baestaens, Arnaud Jouffroy, Arne Daelmans,… Sven Nys, who recently qualified for the Olympic Games in London, will not be throwing his leg over a motor cycle but will definitely be supporting his colleagues from the side-line..

In the ‘Golden Heroes’ class, the stars of ‘yesteryear’, will include Marnicq Bervoets, Jean-Jacques Bruno, Werner Dewit, Dirk Geukens, Dave King, Jo Martens, Graham Noyce, Ronny Renders, Guy Van Gijsegem, Marc Velkeneers, Jacky Martens, Jan Blancquaert,… and rally-champ Freddy Loix. 

This will be a great chance to see  all these stars in a unique race program: there will be races for the ‘Mini’s’ (50cc and 65cc), ‘Future Stars‘ (85cc), ‘GP Stars‘ (MX1/MX2/WMX), ‘Fun Bikes‘ (mopeds/scooters) and ‘Golden Heroes‘ (oldtimers).  Plus the ‘relay motocross-cyclocross’ race where alternating a star from motocross and cyclocross will take to the circuit.

The ‘Fun Bikes’ will see which famous Belgian’s (including TV Star Tom Waes) from sport and showbizz will make an appearance at the start.

Liam Everts, Stefan’s now  seven-year-old son and a skilful BMX-rider already, will ‘showcase’ his promising talent on his little KTM-bike in Genk. Together with his friends he will race a few laps on a mini-circuit.

In addition to the fun on the race circuit, there will also be lots to discover on the rest of the grounds.  The paddock and teamtrucks will be conveniently arranged, there is a covered expo with famous classic motocross bikes, a kids area (bouncy castle, trampolines, grime…) and paintball, and a supporters party and motocross quiz (Saturday evening) in the tent. During the intermission there will be a signing session with the present stars.

Praga Khan and Sonic Angel icon, Maurice Engelen, will once again compose the start tune exclusively for ‘Everts & Friends’.

The winner of the ‘Future Stars’ class receives the Stefan Everts trophy, a stone-carved replica of ‘The Legend’s’ last air cooled engine, fully equipped with kick-starter and spark plug.

Joël Robert, Sylvain Geboers and René Baeten Junior will most exclusively mount their vehicles one more time for a lap of honour on the Horensbergdam, guided by brass band music. Stefan Everts himself will join them on the factory 125cc Suzuki with which he won his first world title in 1991.

André Vromans, Harry Everts and Marc Velkeneers, the 1981 Belgian MXON team that took on the world in Lommel, will be taking a lap of honour in their original race gear and bikes.

In line with previous editions, all profits made by the ‘Everts & Friends Charity Race’ will be donated to charity projects. These are selected by Stefan Everts and focus mainly on children and youth: ‘Een Hart voor Limburg’ (Koning Boudewijnstichting), ‘Make a Wish’, Ter Heide, De Dageraad (care centres for people with a serious or multiple mental disability), MediClowns, Bednet (a charity that helps sick children connect to their schools and classes via internet) and Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner (a Luxemburgian/Belgian child cancer foundation) as well as De Markt (open campus for well being of youth). A number of these children and youth will attend to the event in Genk. They will enjoy full attention in a specially equipped VIP-lounge.

To raise extra funds, exclusive ‘Everts & Friends’ t-shirts and caps will be sold online (via and on the most important BMB motocross races) and a new exclusive art piece ‘Fly like an Eagle’ by Arlette Meeuws will be sold by auction during the day.

The ‘Everts & Friends Charity Race’ will be ridden on a re-designed circuit and the AMC Genk club have foreseen extra parking for the supporting spectators.


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