Weekly Wrap Up: #13

Unfortunately, there has been an abundance of injuries this week, as riders from across the globe have succumbed to the injury bug. Of course, we have updates on everyone that dropped out with health problems in this edition of our ‘Weekly Wrap Up’. Fortunately, we have some good news to report, as well, so let’s jump into it all.

Injuries, Injuries, Injuries:

Where do we begin? Following Toronto, we were all very concerned about Broc Tickle, and how he was after sustaining a back injury. Fortunately, Tickle is going to make a full recovery, and he should be back on a bike sooner rather than later. But, he still has a difficult couple of weeks ahead of him, as he will be recovering from a broken T7 in his back. Obviously, back injuries are never something worth pushing, so RCH Suzuki is keen for him to spend as long as is needed to recover. In the time that Broc is on the sidelines, RCH will go racing with Josh Hill, and will not sign a fill-in rider.

Adam Cianciarulo, a rider that seems to be universally liked, has unfortunately succumbed to a shoulder injury that will keep him out of action for three to four months. Adam dislocated his shoulder in practice at Toronto, and bravely tried to race. However, it wasn’t to be, and he elected to undergo surgery on Wednesday, which is definitely the best choice for his career moving forward. Cianciarulo will now begin the recovery process, both physically and mentally, as he will have to watch another rider wrap up the 250SX East title that he had a firm grasp on.

In his career, Jason Dougan has had some bad luck with injuries, so it was disappointing to see him down in the dirt in the first turn. Fortunately, Jason has not sustained any broken bones (originally it was feared that he had sustained some kind of rib injury) – he is just a bit battered and bruised. Dougan will be ready to return for the next round of the Maxxis British Championship in just over one week’s time.

Unfortunately, two of the most popular youth riders in the pits – Aaron Booker and Todd Kellett – sustained injuries at the opening round of the MX Nationals, and now face a lengthy recovery. Aaron crashed at the end of the day on day one, and dislocated his hip. Todd Kellett also has a quite serious injury, as he broke the L1 in his back in the final MXY2 race. There is no time scale on either riders return at this time.

Kristian Whatley is fighting a niggling injury, currently, as a rock shattered the end of his finger back at Landrake. Kristian did not even realise that it was broken, but x-rays have revealed that it is. This isn’t something that will keep him off of the bike, but it will require time to heal. So, it appears that he will have to contend with it for a handful of weeks – you have to think that it makes it difficult for him late in motos. But, then again, he had no problem running away with the first moto at Culham!

Ryan Villopoto had a bizarre stomach illness at Toronto, and even now, no one really knows what went on. Originally, it was presumed that it was food poisoning, then they thought it was appendicitis. However, now, they are stating that the doctors found nothing wrong with him! RV went to the asterisk guys on Saturday morning, and they transported him to hospital via ambulance, so it was obviously something that caused great concern. Despite this, he came out and finished sixth in the main event! Ryan has stated that we will see “the real RV” this weekend in St. Louis.

In the last year, Jeffrey Herlings has escaped injury many times. However, his nine lives ran out this past weekend, as he crashed at a round of the Dutch Championship, and will have to miss the GP of Brazil. Jeffrey sustained a shoulder injury at the event, although it is unclear what the problem is exactly – they have been very vague about that. However, it seems that rest is all that is needed, and he should be okay to start round four in just over a fortnight.

Max Makes a Decision:

At Culham, Max, and the Bike It Cosworth Yamaha team, were present to test the 2014 Yamaha (that they had some issues with) in race conditions before the GP of Brazil this weekend. Unfortunately, things didn’t go to plan, and the bike still had some major problems. In fact, they couldn’t start the thing! So with this in mind, the bike has been sent back to Japan, and Max will continue to race the 2013 model (that he has enjoyed some success on) in the coming weeks.

The Returnees:

Finally, after months of waiting, Trey Canard is going to return to racing this weekend in St. Louis! Although some of you may wonder why he would risk injury returning to supercross this late in the season, Canard wants to get some race-time under his belt, and feels like he owes it to his sponsors. It would not be surprising to see him return from injury and jump straight into the mix. Whether he is going to back it down in an attempt to stay healthy for the outdoor nationals remains to be seen, but I don’t think he will – Trey is a racer!

Honda are going to have a full house this weekend, as Eli Tomac will return for the Geico Honda team. Eli crashed back at Daytona and re-injured the shoulder that he hurt back at Anaheim 1, so he has been on the sidelines since then. Tomac has had a torrid time thus far this year, aside from his podium at Indianapolis, so he will be looking to build some momentum before the outdoor season begins.

Weekend Preview:

Monster Energy Supercross, Round Thirteen – St. Louis:

Although Ryan Dungey is only twenty-five points back of Ryan Villopoto, I just cannot see him getting closer to RV (unless something disastrous strikes Villopoto, of course). Now, that isn’t to say that the title fight is over, as anything can happen; just look at [Adam] Cianciarulo for an example of that! The battle to watch will be between Villopoto and James Stewart in my opinion. It would be most interesting to see what happens if they start together – we have not really seen that this year.

Suddenly, the 250SX East title fight is wide open, due to the cruel fate that Adam Cianciarulo has had to deal with. Martin Davalos is the current series leader, but I just cannot see him winning the title – he has a hard enough time keeping it on two wheels for one race! So, Justin Bogle may be the favourite currently; he is seemingly on a roll! Blake Baggett is pretty much out of a title race, but he could mix things up.

FIM Motocross World Championship, Round Three – Beto Carrero, Brazil:

Following a two-week hiatus, the 2014 FIM Motocross World Championship will return for round three this weekend at the spectacular circuit of Beto Carrero in Brazil. At this point, both Antonio Cairoli and Jeffrey Herlings have a grasp on the series lead in the MX1 and MX2 classes. But this is about to change, as Jeffrey will miss this weekend with an injury; so, the door is open for a new GP winner! Glenn Coldenhoff is the only other rider in the class that has previously topped the podium. Jeffrey will certainly lose the points lead, as well, which will stir things up even more!

In the MX1 class, I see no reason why Antonio Cairoli will not continue to extend his series lead. The Sicilian is just too strong! But, Gautier Paulin and Clement Desalle could put up a fight, if things go their way. Steven Frossard will want to return to the fight at the front of the pack, and so will Max Nagl!

Amsoil Arenacross, Round Twelve – Salt Lake City:

The 2014 Amsoil Arenacross will draw to a close this weekend at the final round, held in Salt Lake City. This has been one of the most competitive series, in recent years, as defending champ Tyler Bowers has not had it all his own way! Currently, Tyler has an eighteen-point lead, so he looks set to win yet another championship. But anything can happen in arenacross, so Jacob Hayes is not out of this thing yet. Zach Ames has lost some ground, thanks to the chase format; he sits third, nine points further back.

Monster Energy MX Nationals, Round One – Broadfoard:

The Monster Energy MX Nationals (the Australian domestic series) will kick off this weekend at Broadford. The Aussie series has been a favourite amongst fans around the world for many years, as both classes are stacked with talent! Matt Moss is undoubtedly the favourite heading into the MX1 class, especially considering his main competition from 2013 (Todd Waters) is no longer contesting the series. His brother, Jake Moss, should be competitive this year, along with many, many other riders. The field is stacked!

Words: Lewis Phillips

Image: James Lissimore

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