Sunday last (St Patricks Day) saw the 1st round of the Maxxis British Championship being staged in Fatcat Motoparc in Doncaster.
A big contingent of Irish riders had travelled over for it and if they thought they had got away from the bad weather, they had to think again. Rain, wind, snow and sleet were the order of the day.

Team VMXMOTO.COM KTM in the shape of mx1 rider Michael Mahon #113 and newest addition to the team, mx2 rider Martin Barr #50 were all set for action

Due to the bad weather and bad track conditions the whole days format had been changed. Qualifying had been shortened, there was no superpole no start practice and racing had been changed to a 2 race format..

Michael Mahon #113

Even with the change of format and no start practice Michael felt good straight from the get go and ended qualifying in 30th out of 46 riders.


He got an ok start about mid pack and started working his way past some riders, on lap four he got caught out by a kicker on sweeping corner and it sent him off the bike, remounting in terrible conditions he got going again minus his goggles and put in some decent laps to come back to finish 25th.

Race 2

This was a complete wash out with heavy showers of rain and snow during the break. He got a poor start and when he came around the second corner his front brake got jammed out with sand and refused to work. He kept going as best he could and at the half way point he pulled into the pits to change his goggles and when all was said and done he finished the race in 23rd.

Michael Mahon #113

“Today was a tough day for everyone involved, my goal coming into the first round was to get inside the top 20 and just get some points, so needless to say I’m not over the moon with my results but at the same time I’m not a million miles away either, so I’m looking forward to round two and getting some decent points on the board. Just like to say a big thanks to Vmx moto , my dad, (Paul) Graeme Vigors, my girlfriend Abby and everybody who has helped me to get racing on the other side of the pond”

Martin Barr #50

Martin has been working flat out on fitness and bike time in anticipation for this, !the big one” and he couldn’t wait to get started.

With the bad weather and the format been changed, a good qualifying time was more important than ever, things started off ok and he ended up with 5th gate pick, which he was happy enough about!!

Race 1

Martin made an ok start inside the top 7 or 8,it took him a few laps to get by a couple of riders, but once he had a clear track he fought his way up to 3rd by the flag which was a great solid start to the season which he was happy with and was very happy how he was riding.

Race 2

This was always going to be a wet one as the snow and rain was coming down heavy while the lads were prepping their gates. As the race got underway he made a top 12 start and could barely see a thing for the first couple of laps with roost, but once he got his rhythm going he started moving through the field, he was up to 4th trying to make the pass on Graeme Irwin for third when he made a silly mistake and hit his back wheel and going down hurting his hand and thumb, he got up and tried to ride on but couldn’t grip the bars so he pulled out resulting with a dnf. He ended the day with 10th overall, not exactly what he wanted but he feels he has got the pace to run up front.

Martin Barr #50

“Once home in the early hours I went straight for an x ray and finding out I have broke my thumb in two places and broke a bone in my hand, I need an operation to pin my thumb which I’m going through on Tuesday so hopefully all goes well then I will know how long it will be until I’m back out on the bike. I would like to thank everyone at travel Ktm for all there help and support”

Graeme Vigors Team Manager.

“It was great to be at the start line for the team as there has been a lot of work getting to this point by all involved. Both Martin and Michael did a good solid job in timed practice

They had their fair share of bad luck but it’s a long season yet.

It was a tough start to the year but it can only get better.

I would like to thank our sponsors KTM, RFX, Motographics, Apico, Suomy, Planet Adavanced Suspension, Sidi, 100%, Doma and Michelin”.

Words Bignoel Motocross PR

Image by Elliot Spencer


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