Two Minutes with: Lewis Gregory

Lewis Gregory has gained a lot of fans this year, as the two-stroke followers have gotten behind him, and supported him, as he competed against the 250 four-strokes on a 125 in the MX2 class. Fortunately, Lewis was rewarded for his efforts, as he has acquired a deal with the GL12 Racing squad to compete in the MX1 Maxxis British Championship, and the EMX300 series, next year. We caught up with Lewis following the announcement, to find out about his current situation.

MX Vice: Do you have any plans to contest any Arenacross UK rounds?

Gregory: “No Arenacross this year. I decided to spend some time testing and getting used to the new bike outdoors to get ready for 2014.”

MX Vice: Did you find that there are any advantages to racing a two stroke against a four stroke this year?

Gregory: “The two-stroke is lighter, and more nimble. I find that they turn, and handle, much better.

MX Vice: How did you have to adapt your style (and program) to race the 125 this year?

Gregory: “It took me a while to adapt to racing the 125 against the 250fs. You couldn’t afford a single mistake, as it would break your momentum. I found that I had to plan a pass way before it actually happened.

MX Vice: How did the deal for 2014 with Bob come about? Do you guys go way back?

Gregory: “We don’t go way back. I actually just got talking to him at Lierop, and we were talking about how much we both love two strokes. He spoke to me again at the show about possibly making a deal, and here we are. I’m really excited”

MX Vice: You will be competing in the EMX300 series next year. So, do you think that the new GP tracks suit you?

Gregory: “I’ve only rode Matterley Basin. But, I enjoyed that, so I can’t see why they wouldn’t suit me.

Interview by James Burfield

For more information about GL12 Racing, and Lewis Gregory, check out this statement from the team:

GL12 Racing was started at the end of 2012 season, and is based around a group of riders who have a few things in common: they all live in GL12 (an area of Gloucestershire) with a passion for motocross, all went to the same school, and none of them could find enough help to either advance their careers or to keep going. So, they got together with other like-minded local people and businesses to form their own team.

Brian Wheeler is motocross royalty in GL12 and is a massive asset to any team with his experience; he will compete in the Vets at the Maxxis British Championship, the Vets GP (where he came 9th at Matterley Basin earlier this year) and the Scott Nationals next year for us, and of course Farleigh again. JMB who? His wife Tara is the team’s fitness trainer. His son Brad is starting to come out of his dad’s shadow and won the Pirelli Masters Mx2 for us (a championship in our first season) as well as scoring his first British Championship point. He will do the Scott Nationals this season, as well as trying to move up the British standings.Richard Jenkins and Dan Chamberlain race British and World Sidecarcross – they were second in the British last year and moved up to fourteenth in the world with their first ever GP podium a second place at a GP. They are aiming to win the British and finish top ten in the world next year.

Our other solo spot became vacant at the end of this year, and with a season already planned consisting of EMX300, Maxxis MX1 and British two-stroke we needed a rider who could slot straight in. We needed an experienced two stroke rider, who could get a bike set up in a shorter time than we planned, and still be competitive out of the block. I asked everybody who, and only got one answer – Lewis Gregory. Fortunately for us, Lewis gave us the same answer.

GL12 racing would like to acknowledge the help it has received from; CGH Imports, Gaerne UK, BRP Imports, Malcolm Rathmell Sports, MD Racing, Spiral Graffix, Matt Gardiner MX, PVL Racing, Goggle Shop.

Image courtesy of Elliot Spencer

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