The Pre-Entry List: Straight Rhythm

The off-season has well and truly begun now, as the Red Bull Straight Rhythm will take place in Southern California this weekend. The event has changed slightly this year, as most as aware, because every rider must pilot a two-stroke. Who has jumped onto one of those in order to prepare for this weekend? The entry list can be viewed below.

Ryan Dungey

Ryan Villopoto

Gared Steinke

Shane McElrath

Jordon Smith

Ronnie Mac

Ryan Sipes

Christophe Pourcel

Josh Grant

Tyler Bowers

Vince Friese

Mike Alessi

Ryan Morais

Cedric Soubeyras

Darryn Durham

Johnny Jelderda

Mike Brown

Cameron McAdoo

Kyle Partridge

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: ConwayMX

MX Vice Editor || 25