SWS Racing Pulse MX Team

We caught up with the guys at the newly formed SWS Racing Pulse MX Team to find out how its all came about.

Stuart Ingham:

The team was originally going to be called S.W.S RACING, as the idea for this came from Wayne Loughman,who is part of a small family run business consisting of his father Stephen and brother Shane, the company is sws couriers.

Shane has been racing since he was 6 and is the current NEMX expert champion, being around the sport all the time they decided to found a team to help young riders receive the support financially and mentally you don’t always get in motocross.

The team has 6 riders at the moment, the main 2 will be Shane Loughman and Graeme Parker who are the oldest and most experienced, the other 4 are younger riders and we hope by helping them feel like part of a team that they will really focus there time and energy into the sport,  rather than geting caught up in situations and problems a teenage lad may be tempted with.

PULSE MX is a local guy who makes motocross clothing John Oxley, his son matt is one of our younger riders and john has donated 2 sets of kit to each rider to help them in 2013, with this kind gesture we made him a partner and so the team became SWS RACING PULSE MX

We have only been going a month or so and are looking for sponsors to help fund the lads riding for next year.

MX Vice:

Great to hear that there are people out there willing to make a difference and using Motocross to connect with young people. Good luck for 2013 and we’ll be keeping an eye for you guys!

Sws racing pulse mx motocross race team on Facebook  Or on twitter at @swspulsemx

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