Solid points for Wilde

After the ACU announced the change of venues to Cusses Gorse a lot of people didn’t really know what to expect.

The track was in brilliant condition and prepared very well with the difficult weather conditions we was up against.

Qualifying: I felt good in qualifying and rode good. To finish the session 20th was very disappointing. The times was very close and 1 second would have seen me go into superpole.

Race 1: I got an average start and was just outside the top 20. I moved up to top 15 on a track that was very difficult to pass on. 3/4 of the way through the race I lost my rhythm and rode so badly the last four laps and dropped to 17th.

Race 2: This time I was off to a better start and was in the top 15. I battled among a group inside the top 15 for some time then had some problems with my front fork seals blowing but managed 14th at the finish.

Race 3: After changing the front forks I got another top 15 start. This time I raced a little bit more and managed to finish 13th

Overall: Today wasn’t anything to shout about. It was a very average day. I felt my riding was ok but I messed the day up at 10am in the morning. I think if I would of had a better gate pick and 3 top 10 starts my day would of been different. Still I got some points on the board and hopefully the last round I can finish on a high!

MX Vice Editor || 25

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