Snow unstoppable at Cusses

Last Sunday the Phoenix Tools Premier Motocross Championship made its way back into Wiltshire to Cusses Gorse for round 8 in the series. The track as it was for the British Championship round prior had been prepped to perfection and was heavily dosed with water early morning to produce some really good racing.

In the Phoenix Tools Expert Open class the day started with drama in the qualifying session as championship leader Luke Hawkins on the Phoenix Tools Rocket Honda was to grind to a halt mid session with a bike problem. Luckily for Luke he had enough time to run and get his spare bike to put in a quick lap or two. In the opening race it was a blistering start from fellow Phoenix Tools Rocket Honda rider Alex Snow who had set the fastest time in qualifying from the St Blazey Husqvarna of  John May and the TwoNineTwo / Factory Touch /  St Blazey Honda of James Dodd, but Hawkins however had a terrible start and was well down the field. Snow was in a real hurry at the front and by the end of the opening lap he had a full 4 second lead over May who was now being pursued by Luke Dean on the Bike Station / Meredith Mx Suzuki after Dodd had gone down on lap 2. Hawkins was flying up through the field and by the end of lap 3 he was breathing all over Dean, but it took him a further lap to find away pass and was soon to catch May. Hawkins was all over May, Jamie Skuse on the Tony Maunders Racing Suzuki had now caught Hawkins to make it a three way battle until lap 7 when May made a slight mistake and through went both Hawkins and Skuse, but they weren’t going to catch Snow who was well gone and took an easy win by some margin.

In the second moto again it was Snow with the best start from Sunny Thompson on the D S C Kawasaki with Hawkins there in 3rd, but it wasn’t long before Hawkins got the better of Thompson and moved up in to 2nd. Snow literally was in overdrive at the front and was soon in to his rhythm and was pulling away all the time from Hawkins who didn’t seem to have any answer. Skuse had moved up in to 3rd on lap 2, but the real battle was to go on for 4th and 5th mid race between wildcard Matt Bayliss on the Wooldridge Demolition Honda and May with some really tight racing with May eventually getting the better of Bayliss 3 laps from the end to take 4th behind Skuse, Hawkins and Snow.

In the last moto this time it was Kelvin Townsend on the Phoenix Tools Rocket Honda who had the early lead from Snow and Dodd, but within a couple of corners Snow was to hit the front and was soon on his way. Hawkins was to move up in to 3rd on the opening lap after passing Dodd and was desperate to get pass Townsend which wasn’t to be until mid way through lap 2 which had let Snow get away a bit at the front. May and Skuse again were to have a real tussle with each other mid race with May eventually getting the better of Skuse. By the end of lap 8 Snow had a commanding lead over Hawkins, but Snow was to come off a lap later when his front wheel went away, luckily his bike remained running and he was soon to be on his way again and from there went on to take a hat trick of wins to close the gap on Hawkins in the Championship to just 34 points with two rounds remaining.

In the Over 35 Championship class there was no stopping Championship leader Nick Life on the Gibbs Performance / St Blazey Yamaha as he was to holeshot all three races and took three convincing wins with Stephen Elford and Jamie Deadman finishing 2nd and 3rd in all 3 races. In the Over 40’s Championship we saw Championship leader Chris Brown on the TwoNineTwo / Factory Touch Honda put on a fine display of riding to take a hat trick of wins, but in the Over 50’s it was Wildcard Richard Wright on the KTM who was to take the three wins, but with Championship leader Mark Gleadhill finishing 2nd in all 3 races he gets maximum points and increases his lead even more.

In the Tyremarks Junior Championship class there was some really good racing with wildcard Zac Alsop taking the hat trick of wins, but not without a fight, especially in race 2 when it was George Fountain who was to set the pace early on, but unfortunately Fountain went down hard on lap 3 and it was Lewis Barfoot who took over, but breathing all over Barfoot for several laps was Alsop who was determined to find away pass, but Barfoot held strong until 2 laps from the end when Alsop got the better traction through the whoops section and from there went on to take the win, but it ended with a productive day for Barfoot with three consistant rides was to haul back 40 points on Championship leader Jack Stevens who had not the best of rounds.


Phoenix Tools Expert Open Championship Race 1

1st Alex Snow (450f Phoenix Tools Rocket Honda) 2nd Luke Hawkins (450f Phoenix Tools Rocket Honda) 3rd Jamie Skuse (450f Tony Maunders Racing Suzuki) 4th Luke Dean (450f Bike Station / Meredith Mx Suzuki) 5th Matt Bayliss (250f Wooldridge Demolition Honda) 6th Tommy Alba (450f D S C Kawasaki)

Race 2

1st Snow 2nd Hawkins 3rd Skuse 4th John May (350f St Blazey Husqvarna) 5th Alba 6th James Dodd (450f TwoNineTwo / Factory Touch / St Blazey Honda)

Race 3

1st Snow 2nd Hawkins 3rd May 4th Skuse 5th Dodd 6th Alba

M D Racing Over 35’s Championship Race 1

1st Nick Life (450f Gibbs Performance / St Blazey Yamaha) 2nd Stephen Elford (450f Gabriel Insulations Honda) 3rd Jamie Deadman (450f Gibbs Performance KTM) 4th Justin Gibbs (200 SX Gibbs Performance / Tyremarks KTM) 5th Tony Bayliss (250f Honda) 6th Daniel Marsh (450f Honda)

Race 2

1st Life 2nd Elford 3rd Deadman 4th Shane Skeates (????) 5th Bayliss 6th Michael Goldsworthy (250f Spotless Valeting KTM)

Race 3

1st Life 2nd Elford 3rd Deadman 4th Bayliss 5th Gibbs 6th Goldsworthy

M D Racing Over 40’s Championship Race 1

1st Chris Brown (450f TwoNineTwo / Factory Touch Honda) 2nd David Ford (350f Projuice KTM) 3rd Richard Tapscott (450f Honda) 4th Richard Green (????) 5th Steve Locke (450f S J Hodder Honda) 6th Martin Lear (????)

Race 2

1st Brown 2nd Green 3rd Locke 4th Ford 5th Tapscott 6th Matt Holcombe (????)

Race 3

1st Brown 2nd Green 3rd Locke 4th Ford 5th Tapscott 6th Holcombe

M D Racing Over 50’s Championship Race 1

1st Richard Wright (350f KTM) 2nd Mark Gleadhill (450f Honda) 3rd Steve Chugg (450f Honda) 4th Adrian Toy (150 KTM) 5th Sammy Doble (490 M D Racing Maico)

Race 2

1st Wright 2nd Gleadhill 3rd Toy 4th Chugg 5th Doble

Race 3

1st Wright 2nd Gleadhill 3rd Toy 4th Doble 5th Chugg

Tyremarks Junior Championship Race 1

1st Zac Alsop (450f KTM) 2nd Charlie Putnham (250f Lanes Honda) 3rd Jordan King (250 Apico Yamaha) 4th Jack Roberts (250f Gibbs Performance Honda) 5th Lewis Barfoot (450f Yamaha) 6th George Fountain

Race 2

1st Alsop 2nd Barfoot 3rd Putnham 4th Ethan Gatenby (250f Quick Response KTM) 5th Lewis Dowdeswell (????) 6th Roberts Stevens 3rd Brooke 4th Taylor 5th Wright 6th B Barfoot

Race 3

1st Alsop 2nd Putnham 3rd Gatenby 4th Barfoot 5th Kris Ayres (????) 6th Bradley Barfoot (450f Honda)

Junior B Race 1

1st Ryan Southern 2nd Jamie Dixon 3rd Harry Mitchell 4th Andrew Wren 5th Michael Green 6th Andy Bushin

Race 2

1st Southern 2nd Dixon 3rd Mitchell 4th Bushin 5th Griffin 6th Green

Race 3

1st Southern 2nd Mitchell 3rd Bushin 4th Dixon 5th Luke Dewey 6th Green

Junior C Race 1

1st Carlo Notaro 2nd Adrian Hatcher 3rd Megan Butler 4th Lewis Reeves 5th Jamie Knight 6th Ros Fletcher

Race 2

1st Hatcher 2nd Notaro 3rd Fletcher 4th Butler 5th Reeves 6th Ashley Wigmore

Race 3

1st Hatcher 2nd Fletcher 3rd Reeves 4th Rose Wyatt 5th Butler 6th Jordan Spence

Words: Dave Rich

Image: Elliot Spencer

MX Vice Editor || 25

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