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Press Release – Jake Preston to ride MX1 for S.M. Ellis KTM

In the past few years Jake’s been travelling the world racing motocross/supercross across the globe for various teams in the US, Germany, Finland and Switzerland to name a few. For 2013 Jake was all set to ride in the States but it just hasn’t went to plan so this will see Jake back in the UK riding for S.M. Ellis KTM on the 450SXF. Jake is set to race Glen Helen this weekend then fly back to the UK early next week and is looking to compete in the following series, Red Bull Pro Nationals, the remaining SMXF Nationals, some British Masters & also the Maxxis British Championships if possible.

What Jake has to say about the move:

“Well things didn’t work out how they were meant to out in California unfortunately, but I would like to thank Dennis Stapleton from StapoMX for everything he has done for me. I’ve learnt a lot out there and I’m excited for the opportunity Sean has given me. I am looking forward to getting home and riding the new KTM 450 hopefully putting in some good results throughout the season.”

What team manager Sean has to say:

“We are delighted to have such a talented and professional rider join the team. Jake has a massive amount of skill and experience having raced in various locations across the globe and also for various teams this will be a massive step in the right direction for the team in 2013. We can’t wait till Jake lands in the UK to get some serious bike testing done and get him ready for the 2nd round of the SMXF Nationals at the end of the month!”

Mike Wall to compete in MXY2 for S.M. Ellis KTM.

Mike is set to ride the rest of the 2013 season with S.M. Ellis KTM aboard a SXF250 competing in the MXY2 class in the British Masters & Scott Amateur Nationals. As well as this Mike will also be competing in the Rookies class in the SMXF Nationals.

Mike’s an extremely quick young rider taking a top 10 & top 15 finish in the MXY2 class at round 1 of the British Masters with serious suspension problems but this gives us a base to work on for the rest of the season.

What Mike has to say about the move:

“I’am really happy to be apart of the team, I think it will be so much better with the support of the team behind me in my races this year. I feel confident and I love the bike im riding so hopefully I can perform to my full potential.”

What team manager Sean has to say about the move:

“Mike’s an extremely talented young rider who give 110% every time he’s on the bike. He has the pace to run top 5 week in week out so hopefully with that extra support of the team we can push him that little harder to make it happen throughout 2012.”

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