Romain Febvre! One to watch in 2013

This guy is good – at everything!

A former full time Supermoto rider Febvre has only been riding motocross again for the last couple of seasons – with last year being his first ever in GP motocross.

A youth motocross star in France, Febvre  would  stop motocross  and go on to ride  in the World Supermoto Championship as a teenager before re-finding his love of the dirt just a couple of years ago.

That meant he was combining racing and winning the EMX2  championship against Dylan Ferrandis along with the World Supermoto series in 2011.

But his talent on a motocross track was evident and with youth still relatively on his side he decided to go straight into GP racing in 2012 with considerable success. Febvre finished 13th in the World Championship with seven top ten motos coming in the last five rounds of the series!

Febvre’s speed caught the eye of Jacky Martens and Jacky has signed Romain in 2013 giving that the twenty year old will be on a top team with Jake Nicholls to learn from as well as former World Champion Martens giving him both riding direction as well as technical help with the bike.

With the team being based in Belgium Febvre was able to practice in the sand all winter to bring that side of his riding up a notch. When he gets the sand mastered, it will be tough to find a weakness in his riding because he is already brilliant on the hard pack!

The bike too will be a much better machine for Febvre and he will have all the tools to really spring a few surprises, simply because no one really knows just how good this kid could be yet!

2013 is the first time Febvre will have everything he needs. He now has a years experience under his belt, a better bike, a structured team based in the heartland of GP motocross and a fast teammate to chase after.

Those ingredients could propel the Frenchman to chasing the podium as some races.

Although Febvre is twenty and seems old compared to a Roczen or Herlings, he is only in his second GP season. It is like he is only 16 with even less experience than a Roczen or Herlings had in motocross at that age -but he is already top ten material and he this is only the start of his potential.

After the winter hibernation we got our first chance to see Febvre in action at Mantova where looked good. Whipping the bike at every opportunity and pushing Glenn Coldenhoff on the slightly sandy going. He even was top MX2 in the second moto with a ninth place in the combined MX1/MX2 race.

A lot of people were asking, “Romain who?”  in 2012, but by 2013 Romain Febvre could be a household name to all motocross fans if his development curve continues at the rate it has been going in the last two years!

Article by Jonathan McCready

Picture by YS

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