Rider News: Justin Bogle

August 7 (21:38)

Things can change quickly in this sport. Justin Bogle has now had surgery, despite the fact that he stated that he would not below, and will miss the remainder of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross campaign. “Thank you to all the people in my corner that believe in me and to my team @JGRMX for supporting me through this nightmare year,” he wrote on social media. “Patience always tastes bitter but the aftertaste is so sweet. Got the arm fixed up today so that I can be myself on the bike again for more than two laps and can get ready for 2019. If I didn’t believe in myself so damn much I wouldn’t keep coming back, but I do.”

August 1 (22:18)

Justin Bogle has been discussed a lot since his return to racing. Most have been in awe at the fact that he has claimed so many holeshot awards, but then bewildered at why he has lost so much ground as races have progressed. It seems that an answer has surfaced now, as according to a statement on his social media he will need surgery at the end of the season.

Went to the doctor yesterday and found out that the issue I have been having with my arm and hand numbness is caused by my ulnar nerve being trapped in scar tissue,” Bogle wrote. “This is why my hand hasn’t been working well after a few laps making it hard to hold on and keep my pace. I will be getting it fixed ASAP after the season, but for now I am gonna give it all I have got for as long as I have got and do my best. Thank you to my sponsors and everyone who has been riding with me through this rollercoaster of a year for the support, it hasn’t gone how we’d planned but struggle what made us.”

Justin Bogle scored a season-best finish of twelfth in the second moto at Millville, then backed that up with a thirteenth in moto one at Washougal. The contract that he has with the Autotrader Yoshimura Suzuki outfit expires at the end of the current term.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Suzuki Racing

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