Rider Comments: GP of Finland

Antonio Cairoli: “This was one of the most difficult races this year because the track was bumpy and very technical. But we had two good starts and my condition is improving so I’m happy with my results and my starts are getting better and better.”

Jeffrey Herlings: “It was a great weekend even though I had a small crash in qualifying on Saturday. It was always a dream to win the championship at home or in Belgium but if I have a solid weekend in the next round like I had here I will try to take it at Loket. But its not settled yet and there’s still another two weeks to go.”

Jordi Tixier: “I didn’t feel so good in the fist moto but with the penalty for the other two riders I got second place. I got a good start in the second moto but ten minutes into the race I felt my back was completely blocked. The track was rough and not easy but I managed to finish fourth for some good points.”

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