Results Round Up: #31

With the FIM Motocross World Championship, the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross series and the Rockstar Energy MX Nationals all taking place this past weekend, there was no shortage of action. In fact, there was so much going on that you probably need to have all of the results in one place to catch up on everything. Fortunately, we have them all here.

FIM Motocross World Championship, Round Fourteen: Loket

MXGP Overall Classification:

1st Jeremy van Horebeek (2-1)
2nd Kevin Strijbos (1-3)
3rd Antonio Cairoli (3-2)
4th Gautier Paulin (6-6)
5th Shaun Simpson (5-8)
6th Steven Frossard (11-5)
7th Dennis Ullrich (16-4)
8th Max Nagl (4-17)
9th Tanel Leok (10-11)
10th Matiss Karro (12-10)

MXGP Series Standings:

1st Antonio Cairoli (619 points)
2nd Jeremy van Horebeek (562 points)
3rd Clement Desalle (484 points)
4th Kevin Strijbos (469 points)
5th Steven Frossard (333 points)
6th Shaun Simpson (325 points)
7th Max Nagl (291 points)
8th Gautier Paulin (235 points)
9th David Philippaerts (234 points)
10th Davide Guarneri (232 points)

MX2 Overall Classification:

1st Jordi Tixier (1-4)
2nd Valentin Guillod (3-3)
3rd Christophe Charlier (7-1)
4th Romain Febvre (2-6)
5th Jose Butron (5-5)
6th Tim Gajser (4-9)
7th Aleksandr Tonkov (8-7)
8th Jeremy Seewer (6-11)
9th Julien Lieber (9-10)
10th Dylan Ferrandis (21-2)

MX2 Series Standings:

1st Jeffrey Herlings (594 points)
2nd Jordi Tixier (492 points)
3rd Romain Febvre (453 points)
4th Dylan Ferrandis (425 points)
5th Tim Gajser (420 points)
6th Arnaud Tonus (389 points)
7th Valentin Guillod (354 points)
8th Aleksandr Tonkov (335 points)
9th Jose Butron (321 points)
10th Jeremy Seewer (282 points)

EMX125 Overall Classification:

1st Brian Hsu (1-1)
2nd Alvin Ostlund (2-2)
3rd Josiah Natzke (4-3)
4th Joakin Furbetta (6-4)
5th David Herbreteau (3-8)
6th Davy Pootjes (5-6)
7th Tomass Sileika (11-5)
8th Richard Sikyna (7-9)
9th Dan Houzet (9-11)
10th Bas Vaessen (15-10)

EMX125 Series Standings:

1st Brian Hsu (228 points)
2nd Davy Pootjes (216 points)
3rd Alvin Ostlund (202 points)
4th David Herbreteau (169 points)
5th Joakin Furbetta (162 points)
6th Tomass Sileika (157 points)
7th Dan Houzet (112 points)
8th Michael Ivanov (102 points)
9th Filippo Zonta (96 points)
10th Max Engelen (85 points)

EMX150 Overall Classification:

1st Albie Wilkie (2-1)
2nd Jere Haavisto (1-2)
3rd Albin Larsen (6-3)
4th Tatu Junnola (11-4)
5th Quentin Delbrassinne (7-7)
6th Tristan-Alexander Tavares (4-12)
7th Matias Murto (5-11)
8th Brian van der Klij (12-5)
9th Max Erlandsson (15-6)
10th Tim Edberg (14-78)

EMX150 Series Standings:

1st Albie Wilkie (180 points)
2nd Jere Haavisto (170 points)
3rd Albin Larsen (132 points)
4th Matias Murto (115 points)
5th Tatu Junnola (109 points)
6th Quentin Delbrassinne (101 points)
7th Damian Bergevoet (90 points)
8th Brian van der Klij (90 points)
9th Max Erlandsson (77 points)
10th Alexis Collignon (66 points)

WMX Overall Classification:

1st Livia Lancelot (3-1)
2nd Kiara Fontanesi (1-3)
3rd Meghan Rutledge (2-2)
4th Stephanie Laier (4-4)
5th Nancy Van De Ven (5-5)
6th Larissa Papenmeier (6-8)
7th Francesca Nocera (8-7)
8th Anne Borchers (7-10)
9th Mariana Balbi (12-6)
10th Julie Dalgaard (9-9)

WMX Series Standings:

1st Kiara Fontanesi (255 points)
2nd Megan Rutledge (250 points)
3rd Livia Lancelot (232 points)
4th Stephanie Laier (212 points)
5th Nancy Van De Ven (182 points)
6th Larissa Papenmeier (172 points)
7th Natalie Kane (151 points)
8th Anne Borchers (145 points)
9th Marianne Veenstra (127 points)
10th Francesca Nocera (115 points)

Lucas Oil Pro Motocross, Round Nine: Washougal

450MX Overall Classification:

1st Ryan Dungey (1-1)
2nd Eli Tomac (2-2)
3rd Ken Roczen (3-3)
4th Brett Metcalfe (5-4)
5th Andrew Short (6-5)
6th Weston Peick (7-6)
7th Trey Canard (4-11)
8th Fredrik Noren (9-7)
9th Justin Brayton (8-8)
10th Christian Craig (10-12)

450MX Series Standings:

1st Ken Roczen (407 points)
2nd Ryan Dungey (393 points)
3rd Trey Canard (330 points)
4th Brett Metcalfe (256 points)
5th James Stewart (226 points)
6th Josh Grant (218 points)
7th Andrew Short (218 points)
8th Weston Peick (217 points)
9th Eli Tomac (212 points)
10th Chad Reed (156 points)

250MX Overall Classification:

1st Marvin Musquin (1-1)
2nd Blake Baggett (5-2)
3rd Jeremy Martin (4-4)
4th Cooper Webb (3-5)
5th Justin Bogle (7-3)
6th Joey Savatgy (6-7)
7th Dean Wilson (8-6)
8th Christophe Pourcel (2-15)
9th Cole Seely (9-9)
10th Jessy Nelson (11-10)

250MX Series Standings:

1st Jeremy Martin (377 points)
2nd Cooper Webb (334 points)
3rd Blake Baggett (323 points)
4th Marvin Musquin (291 points)
5th Justin Bogle (274 points)
6th Christophe Pourcel (274 points)
7th Jason Anderson (236 points)
8th Cole Seely (212 points)
9th Jessy Nelson (185 points)
10th Alex Martin (156 points)

Rockstar Energy Motocross Nationals: Round Seven: Deschambault

MX1 Overall Classification:

1st Mike Alessi (2-2)
2nd Colton Facciotti (4-1)
3rd Josh Hill (1-4)
4th Tyler Medaglia (3-3)
5th Teddy Maier (6-5)
6th Kyle Chisholm (5-6)
7th Kyle Keast (8-8)
8th Jeff Alessi (9-12)
9th Dylan Kaelin (14-10)
10th Matt Hammer (11-13)

MX1 Series Standings:

1st Colton Facciotti (296 points)
2nd Mike Alessi (269 points)
3rd Tyler Medaglia (235 points)
4th Josh Hill (225 points)
5th Teddy Maier (214 points)
6th Kyle Chisholm (205 points)
7th Bobby Kiniry (165 points)
8th Dylan Kaelin (140 points)
9th Morgan Burger (107 points)
10th David Gassin (94 points)

MX2 Overall Classification:

1st Kaven Benoit (1-1)
2nd Liam O’Farrell (2-2)
3rd Shawn Maffenbeier (6-3)
4th Vince Friese (4-7)
5th Jeremy Pronovost (3-10)
6th Topher Ingalls (12-4)
7th Seth Rarick (8-9)
8th Jesse Wentland (14-5)
9th Jesse Pettis (10-11)
10th Kyle Swanson (9-12)

MX2 Series Standings:

1st Kaven Benoit (271 points)
2nd Vince Friese (238 points)
3rd Shawn Maffenbeier (226 points)
4th Jesse Wentland (209 points)
5th Topher Ingalls (185 points)
6th Austin Politelli (164 points)
7th Jeremy Medaglia (153 points)
8th Seth Rarick (143 points)
9th Dylan Schmoke (115 points)
10th Sylvain Le Gad (102 points)

Image: Suzuki Racing

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