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The FIM Motocross World Championship features a gruelling calendar, but the season concluded this past weekend in Mexico at a new venue. There were some titanic battles in both classes, and you can find the results (and final series standings) below. Meanwhile the annual Veterans MXdN took place at the historic circuit of Farleigh Castle; there was a ton of racing there with many different classes, but you’ll find the results from that race in this round up!

FIM Motocross World Championship, Round Seventeen: León

MXGP Overall Classification:

1st Gautier Paulin (4-1)
2nd Max Nagl (1-4)
3rd Antonio Cairoli (3-2)
4th Kevin Strijbos (2-3)
5th Jeremy van Horebeek (5-5)
6th Tommy Searle (9-6)
7th Davide Guarneri (8-7)
8th Steven Frossard (7-8)
9th Rui Goncalves (11-9)
10th Matiss Karro (10-10)

MXGP Series Standings:

1st Antonio Cairoli (747 points)
2nd Jeremy van Horebeek (628 points)
3rd Kevin Strijbos (572 points)
4th Clement Desalle (484 points)
5th Steven Frossard (419 points)
6th Max Nagl (400 points)
7th Shaun Simpson (397 points)
8th Gautier Paulin (358 points)
9th Davide Guarneri (297 points)
10th David Philippaerts (275 points)

MX2 Overall Classification:

1st Jordi Tixier (1-3)
2nd Tim Gajser (5-1)
3rd Valentin Guillod (6-2)
4th Romain Febvre (2-7)
5th Arnaud Tonus (4-6)
6th Julien Lieber (7-4)
7th Glenn Coldenhoff (12-5)
8th Jeremy Seewer (9-9)
9th Dylan Ferrandis (3-19)
10th Kei Yamamoto (11-11)

MX2 Series Standings:

1st Jordi Tixier (616 points)
2nd Jeffrey Herlings (612 points)
3rd Romain Febvre (570 points)
4th Dylan Ferrandis (533 points)
5th Tim Gajser (528 points)
6th Arnaud Tonus (455 points)
7th Valentin Guillod (449 points)
8th Aleksandr Tonkov (397 points)
9th Jose Butron (359 points)
10th Jeremy Seewer (352 points)

Veterans MXdN: Farleigh Castle

Evo125 Overall Classification:

1st John May (1-1-2-1)
2nd Tom Church (2-2-1-2)
3rd Bradley Wheeler (3-3-3-4)
4th Philip Lewis (4-5-4-5)
5th Neil Caroll (11-4-7-6)
6th Lewis Dowdeswell (5-9-8-11)
7th Steve Liddington (7-12-10-8)
8th Dean Batchelor (9-8-12-9)
9th Robert Mead (10-10-11-12)
10th Matthew Nash (14-14-9-10)

Evo250 Group A Overall Classification (Saturday):

1st Brad Anderson (1-1)
2nd Todd Kellett (2-2)
3rd Gordon Crockard (4-3)
4th Josh Gilbert (3-4)
5th Ben Haggerty (6-6)
6th Ashley Hudson (8-5)
7th Jordan Carrier (5-8)
8th Martin Izzard (7-7)
9th Brett Revell (10-9)
10th Ian Pratt (9-10)

Evo250 Group A Overall Classification (Sunday):

1st Brad Anderson (1-1)
2nd Todd Kellett (2-2)
3rd Gordon Crockard (3-3)
4th Josh Gilbert (4-4)
5th Olly Jones (5-5)
6th Ben Haggerty (6-7)
7th Jordan Carrier (9-6)
8th Martin Izzard (7-9)
9th Neil Thompson (10-8)
10th Ashley Hudson (8-12)

Evo250 Group B Overall Classification (Saturday):

1st Olly Jones (2-1)
2nd Richard Chinn (3-2)
3rd Lee Jones (4-4)
4th Neil Thompson (6-3)
5th Zac Todd (7-5)
6th Ewan Johnston (5-7)
7th Jonathan Cole (10-6)
8th Cristiano Bonacina (9-9)
9th Bas Sindorf (8-12)
10th James Ovens (12-10)

Evo250 Group B Overall Classification (Sunday):

1st Boris Minoretti (1-3)
2nd Darryl Sturt (3-2)
3rd Thiys Keustermans (5-1)
4th Laurent Detimmerman (2-5)
5th David Grimshaw (6-4)
6th Michael Galloway (4-6)
7th Mark Dudley (8-10)
8th Sam Marston (12-9)
9th Stuart Hodder (9-16)
10th Douglas Dryden (15-12)

Evo500 Overall Classification:

1st Graeme Irwin (1-1-1-1)
2nd Greg Crater (3-2-2-2)
3rd Ty Kellett (4-4-3-4)
4th Luke Norris (5-5-4-5)
5th Paul Coward (8-7-5-6)
6th Jord Keenee (7-6-7-7)
7th Mark Galloway (10-10-6-10)
8th Rob Penfold (9-11-8-9)
9th Gordon Crockard (2-3-30-3)
10th Tony Wenck (12-9-19-13)

Pre-83 125 Overall Classification:

1st Franco Ulivi (1-1-7-1)
2nd Lee Holland (3-5-1-2)
3rd Paul Bennett (8-2-2-3)
4th Thibault Pierre (6-6-3-5)
5th Dean Warren (4-7-4-6)
6th Massimo Signorin (5-8-6-4)
7th Steven Ruddock (2-9-5-7)
8th Tim Cole (11-12-10-10)
9th David Kift (10-15-9-11)
10th Steve Knight (15-10-19-15)

Pre-85 4-Stroke Overall Classification:

1st Garry Jones (1-1-1-1)
2nd Paul Kirby (2-2-2-2)
3rd Matthew Hitchman (3-3-3-3)
4th Matt Evans (5-7-6-9)
5th Greg Cox (14-4-5-5)
6th Colin Yeend (6-9-7-8)
7th James Reeves (9-10-8-4)
8th Martin King (8-5-4-21)
9th Marcus Feltham (15-8-9-7)
10th Jean-Francois Helaine (18-14-12-10)

Over-50 Twinshock Overall Classification:

1st Doug Dubach (1-1-1-1)
2nd Jos Claessens (2-3-3-2)
3rd Jan Geboers (3-4-2-3)
4th Nigel Sowerby (8-6-8-7)
5th Richard Allen (9-7-9-6)
6th Tom Lowe (17-8-7-5)
7th Alan Bott (6-31-5-4)
8th Herbert Schmitz (4-2-4-38)
9th Philip Ryan (14-13-10-13)
10th Mark Sullivan (20-16-14-14)

Under-50 Twinshock Overall Classification:

1st John Dowd (1-1-1-1)
2nd Wayne Butt (2-4-2-2)
3rd Kris Veraegen (3-2-3-3)
4th Steven Bing (4-5-5-4)
5th Darren Pocock (9-7-9-7)
6th Kevin Butcher (6-8-10-10)
7th Danny Blakeley (5-3-4-29)
8th Jody Barnes (8-12-16-11)
9th Riley Lowe (35-6-6-5)
10th Ewan Johnston (32-10-7-6)

Evo VMXdN Overall Classification:

1st Ryan Voase (1-1-1-1)
2nd Brian Wheeler (4-2-4-2)
3rd Gordon Crockard (2-3-3-10)
4th John Dowd (7-5-8-5)
5th Werner Dewitt (5-7-6-9)
6th David Cools (10-9-9-4)
7th Craig Pratley (6-12-13-6)
8th Greg Crater (20-4-5-8)
9th Bengt Laeremans (9-8-10-11)
10th Gary Davies (8-13-12-7)

Evo VMXdN Team Classification:

1st Great Britain (53 points)
2nd Belgium (76 points)
3rd USA (103 points)
4th Belgium DRS (178 points)
5th Northern Ireland (186 points)
6th British Evo Series (243 points)
7th France (326 points)
8th Wales (327 points)
9th Netherlands VMCM (373 points)
10th Scotland (379 points)

Twinshock VMXdN Overall Classification:

1st Jurgen Kuppers (11-1-7-1)
2nd David Cools (8-6-3-3)
3rd Ed Bradley (13-7-6-4)
4th Daniel Hens (5-5-10-10)
5th Christophe Leray (9-9-4-9)
6th Vincent Cambier (6-14-11-8)
7th Robin Dohlman (15-17-14-14)
8th Manu Barthazon (16-12-12-20)
9th Brik Schelfaut (7-8-43-6)
10th Laurent Lacasse (2-2-60-2)

Twinshock VMXdN Team Classification:

1st Belgium A (65 points)
2nd Germany (76 points)
3rd France (124 points)
4th Belgium JMD (193 points)
5th ACU Great Britain (197 points)
6th Canada (205 points)
7th Scotland (255 points)
8th S Ireland (349 points)
9th Belgium B (393 points)
10th Denmark (402 points)

Image: KTM Images/Ray Archer

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