Results Hub: Hawkstone

The British season is officially in full swing, it seems, as a handful of the teams that reside in the United Kingdom contested the first round of the Pirelli British Masters this past weekend. Held at the historic circuit of Hawkstone Park, the event offered some great insight into who could shine at the first round of the Michelin MX Nationals this coming weekend. The second Maxxis British Championship round will, of course, follow that.

MX1 Overall Classification
1stGraeme Irwin1-1
2ndRob Davidson3-3
3rdJake Shipton5-2
4thBrad Anderson2-6
5thDan Thornhill4-5
6thCarlton Husband7-4
7thReece Desoer6-8
8thTony Craig9-7
9thLuke Meredith11-9
10thCory Nemeth13-11
11thJacob Joyce12-12
12thChubbie Hammond17-10
13thCorie Southwood15-13
14thRob Wood14-16
15thAidan Wigger16-15

MX2 Overall Classification

1stMicky Eccles1-1
2ndLewis Tombs3-2
3rdJake Millward2-3
4thLiam Knight4-4
5thGavin Stevenson6-5
6thAshton Dickenson5-6
7thRob Yates9-7
8thMichael Ellis8-9
9thDexter Douglas10-10
10thOli Benton11-11
11thJake Sheridan12-12
12thJack Gardner13-13
13thSimon Booth14-14
14thMax Griffin15-15
15thNathan DixonDNF-8

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