Remember this bloke?

We’re sure plenty of you do and plenty don’t! If you don’t then we’ll give you a quick insight. He’s British and was a factory Honda rider who finished in the top 10 in the world 250cc championships back in the day. He’s been retired for several years now but now it seems he’s making a comeback.

This is the email I got from the man in question the other day…

Hello Mr Perrett,

How the devil are you? Hope things are going well and your keeping busy? As I changed email accounts and mobiles, I lost your your contact details, then I stumbled across this site with your mug on it and your email address too.

Well after leaving the pub I started getting itchy feet and ive finally purchased a 450 Honda a month ago (only ridden it once) awesome to get back on a bike though, even managed a whole 4 laps due to the the bastard of motocross that I had totally forgotten about…. “arm pump”… Jesus!! It brought back memories. Hands feeling ten times bigger than they are and bars rattling in your hands haha.I ll be dropping some races in when I get rid of the killer.

I’ve checked out the MX vice site and it looks wicked, I’ve gotta say, nice to have something fresh. Well hope you get back in touch dude, drop us an email or drop me a text or something. Right i ve got to shoot Jeff, baby needs feeding, hope to catch up soon.

All my love
Mark Jones

That’s right, that lovable Welsh loon is coming back to the MX racing scene and we’re looking froward to that. Always good for a laugh is Jonesy!!

Picture courtesy of Dave Rich

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