Red Bull Pro Nationals – Q&A With Graeme Irwin

If you like your racing exciting, wild and on – and sometimes over – the ragged edge then Graeme Irwin’s going to tick all the boxes for you this season.

The 21-year-old from Northern Ireland is lining up for 2013 on a Heads and Allthreads Suzuki UK machine in the MX2 division and after finishing last season in third he’s set his sights on moving up a couple of places…

RBPN: First off, how the hell are you Graeme?

Graeme Irwin : “I’m really good thanks.”

 RBPN: How’s your pre-season training and testing gone?

Graeme Irwin : “My pre-season preparation went really well. I’m feeling good and ready to go racing now.”

RBPN: The MX2 class is stacked this season but you must fancy your chances?

Graeme Irwin : “Yeah, I believe I’ve put myself in a good position and have good people behind me to help get the job done.”

 RBPN: Who do you see as your main rivals?

Graeme Irwin : “There are a lot of riders who have good speed this year and some will be fast on some tracks and some will be better on others. But if I had to pick one then I would say Stephen Sword – he’s a smart guy and knows how to win championships.”

RBPN: What do you think to the new format that gives you races on both days?

Graeme Irwin : “I think it’s a great idea and it’s a bit like a world championship format which we know works. I think it will bring the Red Bull Pro Nationals up to a new level.”

RBPN: What’s it like lining up against the 450s on your 250 – if you don’t get the start there’s a lot of roost to be eaten…

Graeme Irwin : “The roost is nasty but I’m up for it and I want to try and win a race overall this year and be the first MX2 rider to do so. I think that would upset a few 450 riders.”
RBPN: Out of the tracks released so far which is your favourite and why?

Graeme Irwin : “I like Culham and I rode good there last year. The track flows really well and it’s nice to ride.”

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