Race Report: GP of Spain

We understand that a lot of you are probably out and about, rather than glued to your television and watching every second of each moto. That is why we debuted this new-look race report in Mexico, to help if you are in that situation. We’ll post the full results here, following each MXGP and MX2 moto, and a handful of bullet points that cover everything you need to know. Simple, right?

MX2 Moto One

– Dylan Ferrandis disposed of David Herbreteau, who took the holeshot, quite quickly in this one and led early, but could not do much about Jeffrey Herlings’ charge. Once he lost the spot, his race was fairly uneventful in the runner-up spot.

– Pauls Jonass and Benoit Paturel battled it out for the duration, as they moved through the pack together after mediocre starts that left them both on the cusp of the top ten. Paturel was perhaps the most impressive rider in this one!

– Max Anstie did well to get back to eighth after going down in turn three. Jeremy Seewer also had to charge through the field after crashing early on; he was actually lucky to not be hit by oncoming traffic.

– Adam Sterry was up front early on, but a series of issues pushed him all the way back to twenty-eighth at one point. After ripping his visor off and ditching his goggles, he obviously finished twenty-third.

– Petar Petrov was running around the cusp of the top ten, but then randomly disappeared and obviously failed to finish. His bike was smoking before that, so presumably it was a mechanical issue.

MXGP Moto One

– The first MXGP moto was incredibly similar to the qualifying heat, except it took a little longer for Tim Gajser to take the lead this time around. He got around Max Nagl on the third lap.

– The rest of the riders in the top five finished where they started, so there was not much to report there. They were close for the duration, but there weren’t really any passes or close calls.

– Romain Febvre rode remarkably to salvage twelve points. He actually started a little further back than that, but charged and made some aggressive moves. Adrenaline can take you quite far sometimes!

– Tommy Searle and Shaun Simpson were duking it out for eleventh on the final lap, but then the latter tipped over. Simpson actually made good progress after an awful start.

– Kevin Strijbos finished twenty-second after a crash on lap one that left him way, way down the order. The fact that he charged for the duration and couldn’t get into the points should give you an idea of the deficit he faced.

MX2 Moto Two

– Benoit Paturel took the holeshot from the inside gate in this one and, although he could do nothing about Herlings, he was considerably faster than the rest of the field. Herlings started fourth, but was in the lead by lap three.

– Pauls Jonass and Jeremy Seewer swapped positions a couple of times, but the former finally earned the spot. Seewer actually crashed three turns from the end, but wasn’t much of a threat anyway.

– Dylan Ferrandis started outside of the top ten and couldn’t really do much, despite making suspension changes before the second moto. He missed out on a spot on the overall podium also.

– Vsevolod Brylyakov and Jorge Zaragoza were down in turn two, hence their poor finishes. David Herbreteau actually had a good start, but crashed out after half a lap.

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