Product Test: Spy Goggles

Although some have questioned how much they do nowadays, Spy are clearly making a push in motocross and in the UK, as more and more riders (both pro and amateur) are sporting their new range, which cater to the needs of everyone. We found this out when we recently tested two of their goggles, which we were happy to put under the spotlight.

The Omen MX and Targa 3 MX goggles were the two that we tested, and honestly, I was impressed. We will start with the Omen pair (pictured above), which is one of the more advanced goggles on the market.  Interestingly, it was developed and tested by Justin Barcia, who is one of their main athletes (along with Jeremy McGrath), so you know the product does what it needs to do! The design is quite eye-catching and there are twelve different options available (the ones pictured are the ‘burnout orange’), so no matter what you prefer, there is bound to be one that you find appealing.

When I first got my hands on the goggles, I was pleased to see that it came with two lenses; the one pictured above and a clear one, which are obviously the only two you need. It ensures you are ready to ride immediately, which is what you want. The anti-fog, scratch resistant Lexan lens is really quite impressive, and great to ride with. You don’t have to worry about fog with the lens, Spy’s patented ‘rise’ ventilation system and the advanced foam, which wicks moisture away – it’s all quite advanced.

One thing I do like on the goggles (and it is the same with the Targa 3) is the silicone-ribbed strap, which stops the strap from moving around whilst you’re riding; it’s full proof! The Omen MX goggles are some of the more expensive ones on offer, as the RRP is £79.99, but as with anything you get what you pay for. There are other options if you don’t want to pay that much, like the cheaper Targa 3 MX goggle.

On the Spy website, it says that the goggle “takes basics to the brink,” which is very true. It is not too flashy, but the key components are there and I honestly had no issues with it. In fact, it may have been a bit more comfortable, in my opinion. Despite the fact that the RRP is just £29.99, it still boasts various features that are also featured on the Omen MX goggles. For instance, it has that anti-fog, scratch-resistant Lexan lens with posts and ergonomic isotron face foam, which ensures that you again have no sweat issues, no matter what the circumstances are.

Overall, both goggles tick all the boxes and do what they are intended to; there are no evident flaws and as mentioned above, you get what you paid for. There is something for everyone! Although I’m sure not everyone wants to pay for the Omen MX, it depends what you use the goggles for – don’t let the price tag scare you away. They are some of the most impressive goggles I have used, and i have gone through a lot! I think it’s applaudable that Spy have produced different goggles to suit different people. For more information on the Spy goggles, visit

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