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Pro Motocross Pala: Rider Debriefs

Heavy hitters share their thoughts.



Read what a host of riders had to say about their respective weekends at the AMA Pro Motocross opener at Pala.

Jett Lawrence: “I definitely didn’t expect a day like this. I felt like I knew where I was coming in, but jumping up to this class, everyone is fast and fit. That second moto, I kept looking over my shoulder, thinking I gave myself a gap, just to see the 23 even closer than before! I find battles like these fun, though; they make me a better rider and they test how well I can handle the pressure. I knew Chase wasn’t going anywhere and it would be a long 35 minutes, but it was great having a clean battle. I expect this whole season to be a chess match, and it’s nice to take the first round.”

Chase Sexton: “We’re off to a solid start. I didn’t feel like I had the speed early in the day, and that crash in practice didn’t help my confidence. In the first moto I just rode sloppy, but I kept building and getting more comfortable throughout the day. In the second moto I felt like I was me from outdoors last year. We just have to keep building confidence and making the bike even better. I feel like I’m prepared to take this fight all the way to the end.”

Dylan Ferrandis: “It is always good to end up on the podium, and I didn’t really expect that. During qualifying, I was struggling a little bit with the bike with the new chassis. I wanted to be a little bit more comfortable, and that’s what we worked on all day. The bike kept getting better session after session. If anyone had told me I would have finished on the podium at the first round, I would have told them they were dreaming. Everybody worked really hard, so it was good to give them back something with a podium and get some good points.”

Aaron Plessinger: “It was an eventful day here, for sure. I was riding really good, but ended up going down twice in that first moto – I think Coop saw me five times and was probably wondering what I was doing. Went out in moto two and had a big battle with Dylan Ferrandis, probably should have executed a couple things better on my end to make a move, but stoked to come away with fourth and take the battle into Hangtown.”

Cooper Webb: “This was very, very last minute to race here, obviously with the injury being the main reason. Together with the team we got things done and last week was the first 30-minute moto I’ve done since 2021, so prep hasn’t been ideal, but today was solid for me, and I was really happy with it. We showed some speed, showed some potential and are ready to give it another shake in Hangtown.”

Hunter Lawrence: “That first moto was me just taking what I could get; I was pushing as far as I could with what the track was giving me, but I didn’t want to throw away a good finish. In the second moto I put a lot of emphasis on the start; I knew I needed that to make my life easier. Coming through the pack on this track is so difficult, with the way it forms. Once you get into a rhythm, it’s very hard to drop the hammer and start picking guys off. I’m excited with the way we started the season, and I can’t wait to keep this going.”

Haiden Deegan: “Today was definitely a good day. I didn’t have a great start in the first moto, so I was pushing and was in about eighth when I hit someone and fell. I got back up to sixth. I knew I had the speed, so in the second moto, I had a better start and made my way up to second and just rode smooth for second overall. It was a great way to start off the season.”

RJ Hampshire: “For the first round of the outdoors, I was so excited to come here and race. It started off with a great start in the first moto. I’ve never felt like that out front where things felt that easy and I didn’t really have to get out of my comfort zone. Coming into the second moto I was going to try and do the same thing and it’s on me. I botched that start and was still kind of decent, but the second turn was mayhem and I ended up going down. I made up a bunch of passes right away, and then someone else got a little whiskey throttle and I clipped their rear tire going up the steep hill in the back. Then I had my work cut out for me. I was in last by quite a bit. I knew I had to put my head down and I was charging hard. I didn’t know if I had a shot at the podium. I had another little crash near the end, but I’m pretty stoked on the whole day. I’m really happy with the bike, where we’re at, our mentality. It’s going to be a good year and I’m so damn proud of this team.”

Tom Vialle: “It was a difficult start to the day with 16th in qualifying, though we made some changes to get more comfortable with the conditions. First moto, I made some more improvements, and could manage a seventh place in that moto. Second moto, we made positive changes and I felt way better, so was able to get third place. I’m pretty happy with the day and my first National, we made great progression throughout the day between myself and the team – I was a bit sick coming into this round, so overall I’m happy to start my season like this.”

Maximus Vohland: “Pretty happy with today. It’s always an achievement to end up on the box, even if it was for a moto, so it’s another stepping stone for me. I was really looking to get on the podium overall today, but qualified well, was fast in the first moto, and second moto I felt really good, just a couple of mistakes cost me. I felt I had everything it took today, just tangling with the rider in moto two really hurt, but I’m stoked to be headed to my home race in Hangtown next week and we’ll fight for a podium.”

Justin Cooper: “It was a good day, overall. I just had bad starts, but I felt good on the bike. The second moto was pretty good for me. I went from 20th and got up to fourth. I was working to try and get those guys at the end but came up a little short after expending a lot of energy to get to the front. We’ll take it. We’ve just got to be better off the gate so we can fight for the win.”

Guillem Farres: “I’m really happy with my first race. I ended up going eighth overall and had a fifth in the second moto. It’s my first race in a while, so it was a pretty good day, and I want to keep building from here.”

Chance Hymas: “I’m not necessarily happy with the day, but I’m relieved to get round one down. It had been a while since I’d been on the gate with all of these guys, and I really didn’t know what to expect. Now, I know where I’m at and how I can get to where those other guys are. If I can stay in there towards the end of the races, when guys are dropping like flies, I can be successful. I’m proud of myself for what I did today, but I’m not satisfied.”

Levi Kitchen: “The day started well with the best qualifying I think I’ve ever had. But the story of my life today was bad starts in both motos. I fell that first moto but felt like I had good speed. The second moto was another bad start, but then I never really felt like I had good speed in that one. We’re going to put our heads down and focus on next weekend.”

Jordon Smith: “It was good to get back racing outdoors. It’s been four years since I’ve raced one. It was a good learning day. I didn’t end up where I wanted to be, but we learned a lot. Overall, I had a lot of fun out there, and I’m ready to continue building throughout the season.”

Jalek Swoll: “This was my first race back in pretty much a year, and it just felt good to get gate drops. Watching from the couch was not fun. Just being out here, 100 percent or not was the goal. The starts were pretty good. I was stoked about that and other than the first moto fall I feel today could have been really good. We’ll get healed up, come back a little bit stronger, get some good motos under my belt, and start clicking off some goals this year. My confidence is still there. I feel like I can compete at the top level, so we’ll take the starts and the little bit of momentum that was caught today to Hangtown.”

Talon Hawkins: “Round one was pretty good, and there’s a lot of good to take from it. I needed a better start in that first moto. I got the better start in the second moto, I just didn’t ride the way I know how. We’re going to work on that this next week and hopefully make something happen next weekend. I’m excited, and this was a good race for me to build off of as we head into the next rounds.“

Lead Image: KTM

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Monster Energy Supercross

Injury Update: Jace Owen

Details here.



Following his horrific crash at the final round of WSX in Melbourne, Jace Owen has provided an update on his condition, with him suffering a host of nasty injuries including a concussion, four broken ribs, lacerations on his liver and lung and a grade 2 AC joint separation. Here’s his post below. More to follow. But in the meantime, we wish him all the best for his recovery.

Lead Image: MX July

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Monster Energy Supercross

Red Bull KTM ready for launch in 2024

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A refreshed four-rider combination will lead Red Bull KTM Factory Racing into the 2024 SuperMotocross World Championship (SMX), beginning with the AMA Supercross Championship season-opener at Anaheim 1 on January 6, and with firm intentions of competing for title wins when the gates drop on the upcoming 31-round season. Red Bull KTM Factory Racing will field the all-star line-up of Chase Sexton and Aaron Plessinger on the KTM 450 SX-F FACTORY EDITION in 2024, alongside Tom Vialle and Julien Beaumer, who will each be READY TO RACE with the KTM 250 SX-F FACTORY EDITION under the guidance of Team Manager Ian Harrison.

Words: Press Release | Lead Image: KTM

All four riders were presented this afternoon and into the evening during a special 2024 Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Team media introduction under lights at RD Field, the organisation’s official testing and training facility based in Murrieta, California, as they enter the important final stages of the pre-season together.

Bringing the red number one plate to defend his 450SX championship is Chase Sexton, the 24-year-old who clinched a first-career premier class crown last May. Also ranked fourth in the AMA Pro Motocross Championship after a share of misfortune, as well as the third-place finisher in the inaugural SMX post-season, Sexton has the credentials and form to enter season 2024 as a legitimate title contender across the board once again.

Chase Sexton: “I’m excited and feeling refreshed for the start of the 2024 Supercross series. Testing is going well and I’ve enjoyed getting to know everyone more and more on the team, and feel like I’m gelling well with the crew and my new teammates. There’s obviously a level of expectation that comes with heading into 2024 carrying the red plate and I welcome the challenge, especially with the full support of Red Bull KTM Factory Racing behind me.”

Fan favourite Aaron Plessinger is back for his third term at Red Bull KTM Factory Racing, determined to build upon his 2023 campaign that saw him claim seventh overall in 450SX despite missing multiple rounds, a convincing third in 450MX, and fifth in the combined SMX standings. Those results will form a strong foundation for the 27-year-old to work from in the upcoming season, motivated to establish himself at the front of the pack year-round.

Aaron Plessinger: “I’m totally ready to get this show on the road and go racing! Preparation for the 2024 Supercross season is going to plan and I’m just eager to get back to the races to see all my friends and fans again. I’m hoping I can finally bag some of those elusive wins this season, that’s the goal for the team and I, and I think it’s achievable with the encouragement and support I receive from everyone in the Red Bull KTM family.”

Two-time MX2 World Champion Tom Vialle built immense experience this year in what was his first season of competition in the United States, with the 23-year-old Frenchman now looking to benefit from the lessons learned over the past 12 months. Vialle was eighth in the 250SX East points, sixth in 250MX with a single victory to his credit at Southwick, and P8 in SMX, which sets him up for a strong sophomore season ahead.

Tom Vialle: “The idea of getting to race at venues and on tracks that I’ve been to before is exciting and something I am really looking forward to next year. I feel like I learned a lot in my rookie season in the U.S., but it’s definitely tougher racing a brand new track every week when almost everyone in your class has already raced on them before. It’s really going to help my confidence a lot knowing the tracks I’m going to – it makes a big difference. 2024 should be a good year for me and the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Team!”

As for 17-year-old newcomer Julien Beaumer, he will open his full-time professional career as the youngest member of the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Team and is in line to make his mark while his knowledge climbs on a week-by-week basis. Already a SX Futures Main Event winner, Beaumer is debuting in 250SX and will carry that rookie tag into Pro Motocross, as well as the SMX Finals series when it commences in September.

Julien Beaumer: “Making my debut in the 250 Supercross class next year is a dream come true and I’m super-grateful to everyone at Red Bull KTM Factory Racing for giving me this opportunity. My goal is to go out there and learn as much as I can this season, all the while giving it my all. The team and I have put in a lot of laps at the practice track to build a good base and gain as much experience as I can before the start of the 2024 season. I just want to do my best and make both the team and myself proud in my rookie season.”

Ian Harrison – Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Team Manager: “Our 2024 team is excited to start the new race season. Two of our team members are new, so getting to know one another and developing their bikes specific to their needs and riding style can be a challenge, but so far it has gone very well. The team has spent many days at the test track working on fine-tuning the bikes and I am now looking forward to seeing how we stack up against our competition on January 6th. It is exciting for me as the Team Manager to see our four riders working together so cohesively while motivating and challenging each other to be better. Behind all this effort is always a group of people who are diligent at putting the hours in to get us ready for the start gate at Anaheim 1, and for them, I am very grateful. See you at the races.”

Roger De Coster – Director of Motorsports, North America: “I am very impressed with the dynamic amongst the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Team and I’m looking forward to the start of the new season. With fresh blood in the team, it’s great to see the level of positivity amongst the group as a whole, working together and motivating one another. Watching them at the test track each day, there is good forward momentum amongst the group and I think we are in a strong position to challenge up front in all classes each weekend. Austria has been working extremely hard and has shown great support, which is really encouraging and I’m excited for 2024.”

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Monster Energy Supercross

Lawrence Brothers VIP Experience announced for 2024 AMA Supercross

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Feld Motor Sports, Inc., in partnership with Jett and Hunter Lawrence, are excited to announce the Lawrence Factory Fan Zone coming to 16 rounds of Monster Energy AMA Supercross in 2024. These exciting new VIP experiences mark the first of their kind tied directly to Supercross athletes and will see activations take place on both Friday and Saturday. On the heels of a year dominated by the Lawrence name, Jett and Hunter look forward to opening their doors to fans on race weekends and provide a behind the scenes view at their winning formula. Friday and Saturday VIP experiences are now available for purchase at

Words: Press Release | Lead Image: Feld

“The main reason we want to do this is for our fans to join in on our journey. We’re just starting our 450 career and would love to have our fans along for the ride in our prime, experiencing the same emotions as us, taking in the full VIP experience as we navigate this new chapter,” said newly crowned 450 SuperMotocross World Champion, Jett Lawrence.

Friday’s experience, “Lounge with the Lawrences” is an opportunity for fans to spend time with the duo in a relaxed environment before race day, offering photo opportunities, a Q&A session, games, and refreshments. Additionally, Team Lawrence has carefully curated a Limited-Edition Merchandise Pack that is exclusively available through this experience. 50 spots will be available for Friday’s Lounge with the Lawrences.

Saturday’s experience, “Rev Up with the Lawrences” was created by the brothers to thank their fans for their unwavering support. Jett and Hunter want to provide their fans with a one-of-a-kind experience giving unprecedented access into their lives as they enter this new chapter in their careers. The Lawrence camp has created the Lawrence Factory Fan Zone where fans can expect to experience the ins and outs of race day and spend time with Jett and Hunter, something that is rare to experience on race day. 20 spots will be available for Saturday’s Rev Up with the Lawrences.

“The Lawrence Factory Fan Zone is a place for our supporters to get the full race day experience at a VIP level. It will be the best place to hang out and experience Supercross in the most fun way possible, the Lawrence way. We look forward to meeting everyone at the races!” Said 2023 Eastern Regional 250SX Class Supercross Champion, Hunter Lawrence.

This exciting collaboration with Jett and Hunter Lawrence is possible following the launch of several other successful VIP experiences in 2023 that took the fan experience to the next level. With the help of OEM partners like Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing, Troy Lee Designs Red Bull GASGAS, and Twisted Tea Suzuki Presented by Progressive Insurance, the Supercross paddock is more interactive than ever, and fans can now truly experience what it’s like to be a part of a team on race day. In addition to team experiences, fan access to the racing action is at an all-time high with new and exciting offerings like track walks, trackside Main Event viewing, trackside opening ceremonies viewing, gold ticketing packages and more. Please visit for a complete listing of VIP experiences available at every round of Supercross throughout the season.

All 28 rounds of the SMX World Championship series, inclusive of 17 Supercross races and 11 Pro Motocross races, are currently on sale to the general public at and Dates and venues for the 2024 SuperMotocross World Championship playoffs and final will be announced in January.

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