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This is it! The final round of the FIM Motocross World Championship is upon us and the series is wide open. The Fantasy MX Manager series, that is, as the MXGP title is wrapped up and the MX2 battle has effectively finished. There are forty-nine measly points between the top-three users in the online game with hundreds of points on the table at the Grand Prix of Italy.

There are huge swings on Fantasy MX Manager and therefore even the player in tenth has a realistic shot. In order to make dreams a reality and acquire some huge 24MX vouchers, one must make the correct picks. This MX Vice column is here to steer everyone in the right direction. Anyway, without further ado, who is going to be a good pick at the hard-pack facility? Now is not the time to play it safe and choose a rider like Jeffrey Herlings, who will almost certainly max out with fifty points. The amount that he costs will not leave a player with much wiggle room to gain ground elsewhere. Roll the dice!


Jeffrey Herlings is always a safe pick on the Fantasy MX Manager game.

KTM Images/Ray Archer

It has been mentioned in this column a handful of times but choosing Marshal Weltin leaves the door open to make some other great picks. Weltin costs seventy-five thousand euros, which is considerably less than others at his level, so it just makes sense. The hard-pack circuit should play to his strengths too. Considering the fact that he hovered around the top six at the Grand Prix of Bulgaria, it seems inevitable that he is going to fit into the top ten quite comfortably. It is difficult to come up with a reason not to select him. However, if gaining points is your goal at the Grand Prix of Italy, it may be best to steer clear, simply because so many other players have hopped onto this bandwagon.

Clement Desalle was a popular pick on Fantasy MX Manager at the beginning of the season, but most seem to have lost interest following his lack of top-three finishes in recent weeks. Those who have checked out are really missing out though, as he costs four hundred thousand euros whereas, in comparison, guys like Gautier Paulin or Max Anstie is five hundred thousand euros. Desalle is easily the cheapest contender and therefore there is the most to gain by selecting him. It is well-known that he favours hard-pack over sand as well and, bearing that in mind, this should be a good track for him. It is likely that he will push right until the final chequered flag waves too, because he is locked in a battle for third in the points.


Clement Desalle will definitely cost more when the new season begins.

Monster Energy Media/Ray Archer

Alessandro Lupino is another great pick at two hundred thousand euros, but most tend to push him to one side and look at others in the price range. Conrad Mewse costs that amount and has captured the attention of players since round one, but is he a wise pick at this point in the game? The speed that he showcased at the previous round in The Netherlands was so encouraging and yet the results just did not quite match up. Now that was in the sand, a surface that he loves, so will he be as strong in Italy? It remains to be seen but ending in the top ten is certainly likely. However, then again, the same would have been said at Assen.

It really is all to play for as the final round of the FIM Motocross World Championship looms. It is important to remember that all of the riders inside of the top thirty at the end of the season will receive special 24MX vouchers, so even the player in fiftieth needs to put in one final push!

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: KTM Images/Ray Archer

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