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The fifth round of the inaugural MX Nationals series was held at the scenic venue of Canada Heights this past weekend, and by now you will have seen the results and read the reports. However, in this piece, we delve deeper into what went on.

  • Canada Heights is looked at as one of the most popular tracks in the UK, and understandably so. The hillside layout is great fun to ride and offers a variety of different challenges; however, it is actually very one-lined. It seems no one has really noticed, but rarely do you have great battles around there. It was the second pro moto that opened my eyes to this, as Kristian Whatley just couldn’t get around Brad Anderson, despite the fact that he was clearly the fastest rider.
  • Unfortunately, a lack of entries plagued the MX Nationals again, as there were just fourteen riders in MX1 and fourteen in MX2. Why were the numbers so low? There are forty-five registered riders that are out injured currently, and then another group of riders had to go over to Lommel for the Belgian GP. The organisers made the decision to merge the two classes, because of this, which turned out okay, although most 250F guys were not overly pleased.
  • The final ‘Under 16’ moto was arguably the best race of the weekend, as Dylan Woodcock, Taylor Hammal, Marcus Phelps, Dexter Douglas and Brett Pocock (they finished in that order too) had a superb battle – you could have chucked a blanket over the five of them a lot of the time. The future of British MX is in good hands, folks!
  • Speaking of the ‘Under 16’ class, both Dylan Woodcock and Brett Pocock were handed a one-minute penalty following the third race of the weekend for jumping on a yellow flag. They both only lost one position for this, so it was not disastrous, although it did have an impact on how the overall results panned out.
  • What happened to Elliott Banks-Browne in the opening moto? Well, it turns out that he crashed out after getting tangled up with another rider. Fortunately this did not cause any further health issues for EBB, and he was able to return for the two races on the Sunday, which he had a fifth and a sixth in, which will give him something to build off of in the coming weeks.
  • Although there were a lack of entries in the MX1 and MX2 classes on the Saturday, the numbers were slightly better on the Sunday, strangely, as a handful of riders turned up overnight.
  • There were a couple of riders that elected to compete in two classes this past weekend; most notably Kristian Whatley actually won the two-stroke class, as well as the MX1 overall. It is hardly surprising that he won on his YZ250, as there is no one in that class on his level. However, it was really quite impressive to see how quickly he would adapt to each bike – there was no time at all between his races. The question that I’m sure everyone has asked at some point is, how much faster was he on his 450F compared to the two-stroke? Well, below is a table with his best lap times from each race.




Moto One



Moto Two



Moto Three



Moto Four



  • Damon Strydom was another rider that competed in the two-stroke and MX2 classes. Damon finished fourteenth overall in MX2 and third in the two-stroke division, he also leads the two-stroke series standings.
  • Unfortunately there were a handful of riders that sustained an injury, as there always is. MXY2 regular Callum Ford crashed hard in the final moto of the day and ruptured his spleen; he is currently still in hospital and undergoing treatment. If you want to find out how you can help him, visit this page.

Words: Lewis Phillips

Image: Elliot Spencer

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