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  • Lyng is one of the more historic circuits on the Maxxis British Championship calendar, as the basic layout has been the same for years and years. However, there were some slight changes made prior to this past weekend; the main one being the addition of a new jump before the finish. Initially it seemed like it was going to be a roller, with a tunnel beneath so fans could go wherever they please. But, upon arrival, it was a small double with no tunnel. Why? Well, it broke down so much that it probably would have been a big risk having a tunnel not far below the surface.
  • In fact, the finish jump changed so much that it ended up being a completely different section by the end of the day. A berm formed on the inside and the inside of the take-off basically disappeared. So you could either go to the inside and roll the jump or outside and double; most elected to do the former. One thing that most did comment on is how much fun the track was, despite it getting rough and rugged. Following Hilton Park, a “proper” track was probably a welcome sight.
  • Adam Sterry came into Lyng full of confidence, coming off the back of his eighth overall at the Argentine GP. Of course he also won his first (and only) moto at the venue last year, so most had him tipped for success. In qualifying he came out and took pole too, which was actually the first of his career (in the Maxxis British Championship). Speaking of Sterry, he also had a big get off in the second moto; fortunately he still salvaged a third
  • It was evident immediately that Ben Watson was off the pace of the top three, as he struggled to match the times in practice; he posted a time more than two seconds down in seventh. Despite taking three good starts, he consistently lost time to the leaders. But, then again, three fourths on an off day isn’t a bad thing.
  • One of the things to consider is the impact that the jet lag would have had on the MXGP riders, as Shaun Simpson told me that he couldn’t even get out of bed on the Sunday morning, as his body still hadn’t adapted following Argentina. It perhaps effected some guys more than others…
  • Speaking of Simpson, his prowess in the sand was there for everyone to see, as he posted times faster than anyone and took three relatively easy wins. He had an awesome line going up Cadders Hill in the final race. He’d ride up on the bank to avoid a nasty hole and, despite the fact that he was leading the way, Leok was the only rider that caught on.
  • Steven Frossard, who was perhaps tipped as Simpson’s greatest competitor, has a mountain to climb now after failing to finish a moto again this past weekend. He crashed hard in moto two and hurt his wrist, but was able to return for the final MX1 encounter and post a fifth.
  • His teammate, Jake Nicholls, made a surprise return from his arm injury and posted some respectable results. 8-8-13 was his scorecard on the day, the thirteenth was a result of his bike not starting on the line until everyone had gone.
  • Alex Snow had a solid return to racing, after suffering a concussion at round one, but other issues hindered his results. A fifteenth in moto one (after a small crash) and a seventh in moto two were positive, but then he could only salvage a nineteenth in the final race after losing his rear brake.
  • No man had worse luck than Graeme Irwin at Lyng, as he had not one, not two, but three chain issues. The team made the necessary changes after the first incident, but lady luck kept striking. Consequently he went home with only a handful of points and faces a mountain to climb in the standings.
  • Harri Kullas, his teammate, was less than impressive again. However, his DNF in moto one was a result of an electrical issue, so out of his control. He also struggles on the concrete starts, which left him buried deep in the field each time out.
  • What about Brad Todd and Jake Millward? The two came out of nowhere to surprise and impress everyone who was present. Millward looks incredibly strong in fifth and seventh in the first two motos, but a bike problem ended his day early in the final encounter. Todd was consistent across the board, going seventh, eighth and ninth in the three races.
  • Michael Eccles had a day to forget, after having a couple of big crashes. Fortunately he got up from them both, but I imagine he is feeling a little second hand this week. Fifteenth, fourteenth and nineteenth were his results on the day.
  • Liam Knight was the top MX2 rookie, yet again, although he didn’t break into the top ten this time. Twelfth overall was his result, with Jason Meara the next best rookie in nineteenth.
  • There was no shortage of action in the MXY2 class too, as Osmaston and Hague went at it in each and every moto (they’re running three this year). Ollie’s starts were simply phenomenal, as he had the holeshot in the bag as soon as the gate dropped.

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