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New Bike: All-New KX450F

Kawasaki unveil a 2019 machine.



The Kawasaki KX lineup has an unmatched history of success and has paved the path to championships for the motocross heroes of today, while continuing to serve as the ultimate tool for the future stars of tomorrow. The KX family is the most dominant motocross and supercross brand of motorcycle available today, led by its flagship model the KX450.

The all-new 2019 KX450 weighs in at 232.4 lbs without fuel while boasting a powerful engine, nimble handling, and technologically advanced features that are derived directly from the motorcycles used by Kawasaki’s factory race team. All-new features for 2019 include a new lightweight, more powerful engine, new slimmer aluminium frame, new Showa coil spring front forks with A-KIT technology, new hydraulic clutch and new electric start system.

The KX450 motorcycle is the bike that builds champions. Kawasaki racers also receive the benefit of the industry-leading Team Green support network that can be found trackside at events across the nation. The Kawasaki KX450 is notorious for asserting its championship proven dominance across the world.


– NEW Kawasaki’s first electric start motocross bike

– NEW hydraulic clutch

– NEW finger-follower valve train designed by Kawasaki’s World Superbike engineers

– NEW aggressive cam profiles

– NEW larger intake and exhaust valves

– NEW lightweight bridged-box piston

– NEW thinner air cleaner element

– NEW downdraft-style intake routing

– NEW longer exhaust header pipe

– NEW larger 44 mm throttle body

– NEW change drum and shift fork reduce weight

– NEW plain bearings for the connecting rod big-end

– NEW compact fuel pump

The engine of the KX450 has always been strong and the lightweight engine package is even stronger in 2019 thanks to the input from the factory race team. The four-stroke, single cylinder, DOHC, water-cooled 449cc engine has increased peak power and a flatter torque curve that makes it easier to get on the gas sooner.

New for 2019, the KX450 becomes Kawasaki’s first motocross bike with an electric start, which is activated by the push of a button located on the handlebar near the right grip making starting easy and convenient. A lightweight, compact Li-ion battery helps keep weight down, as does an automatic centrifugal decompression system fitted to the exhaust cam, which lifts one exhaust valve to facilitate starting.

In addition to an electric start, the KX450 also becomes Kawasaki’s first motocross bike equipped with a hydraulic clutch. The new clutch offers a more direct feel and an easier pull for lighter lever action, helping to reduce fatigue while on the racetrack. The hydraulic clutch is designed to provide a more consistent feeling through minimal change in clutch play as the clutch heats up during heavy use.

Kawasaki brought top-level road racing technology to the KX450 valve train, using designs from Kawasaki World Superbike engineers. It uses finger-follower valve actuation, enabling larger-diameter valves and more aggressive cam profiles. Thanks to the finger-follower valve actuation, the rev-limit has been raised, contributing to increased high-rpm performance. The change to finger-follower valve actuation reduces the valve train mass and friction compared to a tappet-style valve actuation. A DLC coating on the finger followers helps protect against wear.

Complementing more aggressive cams, larger 40 mm intake valves and 33 mm exhaust valves with increased lift help air flow and contribute to increased power. Valves are formed from lightweight titanium, reducing reciprocating weight and offering high-rpm reliability. Chromium steel valve spring retainers and a highly durable chromium nitride coating on the camshafts improve reliability at high-rpm. The lightweight bridged-box piston uses the same design as the Monster Energy Kawasaki race team’s factory race bikes, contributing to strong performance throughout the entire rpm range. The revised piston design reduces weight and optimizes strength for durability.

The cylinder is offset 8.5 mm forward to reduce mechanical loss through friction from the piston movement, enabling more efficient power generation. A special coating used on the intake port cores during the casting process make ports ultra-smooth, which increases efficiency and performance throughout the rpm range.

The new header pipe length has been increased by 105 mm to match the updated engine package and improves low-end power. A resonator chamber fitted to the exhaust system header effectively increases exhaust pipe length and helps reduce the decibel sound level. A new thinner air cleaner element improves air flow, contributing to increased performance at all rpm.

New downdraft-style intake routing allows an even straighter approach for intake air into the cylinder, improving cylinder-filling efficiency and contributing to increased engine power. The new 44 mm throttle body is now larger and features reversed orientation of the butterfly for better fuel atomization from the top mounted injector. A new fine atomizing, 12-hole injector now sprays 75 micron droplets and flows over 20 percent more fuel to contribute to increased power, smooth power delivery and superb engine response at partial throttle.

A close-ratio five-speed transmission features lightweight gears and shafts to keep weight down, yet retain strength, while contributing to the motorcycle’s winning performance. Revisions have been made to the shift drum and shift fork, resulting in a weight savings. The engine cases, which feature a scavenger pump on the right case, have been constructed of extremely light materials and are designed to meet the highest standards of durability. A change from needle bearings to plain bearings for the connecting rod big-end reduces mechanical loss, contributing to overall performance.

The new lightweight fuel pump is located in the plastic fuel tank and has a revised design that is more compact, enabling a flatter design for the top of the tank.

Words: Press Release | Lead Image: Kawasaki Motors

Monster Energy Supercross

Carmichael debuts the Triumph at the iconic Coliseum

Triumph’s new 250cc motocross bike was revealed in public for the first time



Triumph’s new 250cc motocross bike was revealed in public for the first time at the SuperMotocross World Championship Final on Saturday, 23 September, at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in California.

Spectators witnessed two new Triumph motocross bikes enter the arena to a blaze of pyrotechnics and fanfare.

The hotly anticipated new production-specification bike was ridden by Jeff ‘Six Time’ Stanton, who won his last Championship at the Coliseum and is the current manager of Triumph’s Adventure Experience in the US. He was joined by the GOAT, Ricky Carmichael, whose bike featured his own graphics and non-standard specification components.

The date for the full reveal of the new bike was announced as 28 November 2023 on giant screens around the stadium.

After his ride, Ricky Carmichael said to his fellow commentators: “I’m so happy to finally show the fans what we’ve been working on for the past four years. The bike feels great, it looks great, and it’s fast. I’m pleased with what we’ve delivered, and I can’t wait to share the final details on  November 28th.”

Jeff Stanton added: “The Coliseum is a special place for me, and to be back here on the Triumph is an absolutely honour for me. The new graphics look like nothing else in the paddock and give the bike a really sharp and distinctive new look that I think the fans will love.”

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FOX: All-New Off Road Collection

Check it out.




The soul of expression can be found off road, and locations like the Gold Creek Lodge in Idaho, a “summer camp for the soul rider,” are the ideal place to disconnect and find it. The all-new FOX Off Road Collection with Ranger, Defend, and Recon help translate that expression into style on fast-flowing singletrack, mellow two-track, or steep and narrow, hard-enduro-style slogs. When it feels right, you know it. Check it out the here.

Learn more and watch the film about the Gold Creek Lodge here:


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Moose Racing Unveils 2024 Racewear and Alpinestars Collaboration

Read more here.



Moose Racing recently revealed their highly anticipated 2024 Agroid and Qualifier racewear lines, as well as a collaboration with Alpinestars that featured Tech 7 and Tech 7S boots. The new products from Moose Racing’s 2024 line-up were showcased for the first time at the annual Parts Unlimited NVP show in Madison, Wisconsin.

Words: Neilson Designs | Lead Image: Neilson Designs

The Moose Racing Agroid racewear has been the brand’s premium line of gear since initially being released in 2020. The gear is built with performance in mind, as it is made from durable, lightweight polyester materials and tailored with an athletic fit that today’s top motocross and off-road racers desire. The Agroid jersey is priced at $54.95 USD and the pants are just $139.95 USD.

Moose Racing also unveiled the 2024 designs of their entry level gear, the Qualifier. Moose Racing’s Qualifier line is geared towards riders of all skill levels as an option with the perfect blend of comfort and durability without breaking the bank. The Qualifier also has a special appeal to bigger riders, as it offers extended sizing that ranges up to 5XL for jerseys and 54 waist for riding pants. The Qualifier jersey starts at $39.95 USD and pants start at $79.95 USD. Pricing will vary for extended sizes.

Moose Racing teased their collaboration with Alpinestars on their social media, leaving everyone guessing what could be coming down the pipeline. The collaboration turned out to be the Alpinestars Tech 7 and Tech 7S boots that are decked out in Moose Racing branding. The Tech 7 has been the boot of choice of many top amateurs and even pro riders, as it offers the perfect blend of protection and mobility at a reasonable price. The Moose Racing/ Alpinestars Tech 7 comes in at a price point of $429.95 USD, while the Tech 7S is priced at $259.95 USD.

The new 2024 Moose Racing racewear and Alpinestars Tech 7 collaboration will be available for purchase at your favorite local dealership and online retailer. Stay tuned for further announcements on the official website and social media channels of Moose Racing.


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