MX Vice…The Up’s and Downs…

I seem to always start with the following sentence.. For those who don’t know what MX Vice is…

Well its a good statement to start with, as many people on the UK Motocross scene still aren’t aware of what we actually are and what we do.. Race Team? Magazine? Video Site? Facebbok App?

You could say its all the above and much much more. Firstly our main aim is to get British Motocross back where it belongs.. We want to raise the popularity of the sport and bring people, businesses, sponsors into the sport by raising its profile from outside our community. So to enable us to do this we need to be involved in a multitude of areas from the web to events. We need to be in the paddock of the British Championship, Red Bull Pro Nationals and GP’s but we also need to be at local club races, practice tracks and appearing at local MX dealers, understanding how we can benefit people from all backgrounds and all levels.This also gives us an idea of what people want to read about, watch and expect from a media organisation in the sport.

First and Foremost we are a Motocross Resource Website for the UK MX scene, but during our journey we have decided to spread out in a few different areas. Bringing Jeff Perrett in a Editor and Chief was a great stepping stone given his vast knowledge of the sport. Ty Kellett has now started work full time with MX Vice after leaving college, Ty has a great future ahead of him and his video skills are fantastic for someone so young. We’re always on the look out for great talent to add to the team and we have apprenticeships available for the right people who are looking to get into the world of media. On top of the site, we now have a Digital Magazine that will be coming out on May 7th (The day after the 3rd round of the British Championships), its looking really good, around 120 pages of action packed info about British Motocross, it will be available for you to read on your computer, Ipad, Phone etc… what next hey, print?

To round off an already busy month, we’ll be adding MX manager a fantasy based Online Motocross Management Game that will be available through next week. You have the chance to spend a 200k budget to pick 3 MX1 riders, 3 MX2 riders, a team and manufacturer. By the way…if you’re asking how much all this is.. well, quite simply its all free!!

Any money that is made through advertising, merchandise or anything else through the site, mag etc will be put back into the sport. This year we have helped out a number of people from all levels and different backgrounds. In the last 2 weeks MX Vice team riders had ups and downs..  Ross Keyworth rode superbly at Canada Heights to get a 20th position and the teams first point in the British Championship, something which means a lot to the people who are involved in the team. Ross has been supported this year by Rob Boseley who had tirelessly prepped Ross’s bikes through the week and spannered for him at the weekend and Paul Hussey who runs the race team at the weekend. Behind the scenes there are many more people, Ian Dutton, Mark Hucklebridge, Robin Wilkins, Rob Keyworth, Steve Heal Lucie Hussey and Caroline Burfield who help get the team to the races and setup at weekends!

We don’t know how far the team will go, whether we extend the youth side next year to support a rider in each class, offer scholarships or team rides, or whether the Adult team will have 2-3 riders racing in the British Championships…. What we do know is we have a long term plan, we’re going to be here for a long time and we want to take British MX forward.

I have mentioned the Up’s.. but now the downs. We know the sport we love is dangerous, and sometimes, shit happens. So at the weekend when we turned up to watch Callum and Conor Ford out training at Cheddar Motocross Park, it was a setback to find out that Conor was on his way to hospital when we arrived. Conor has broken a bone in his arm and will be out for a month, which is a shame given all the hard work he has put in over the winter period. I guess its all part of the sport we love…

Anyway this weekend i’m going to be going sown to Garlands for Round 3 of the Phoenix Tools Championship while Jeff and Ty are on their way to Holland for the GP!

Have fun the weekend and we’ll catch up soon!


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