MX Vice Exclusive: MXGP Gameplay

MX Vice were lucky enough to test the new MXGP game earlier today! One thing became clear, this game is great. Now, I know what you are thinking, we are probably paid to say that, right? Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. We honestly think that this is one of the greatest motocross games ever created, and we only got to try a small sample of it.

But, for more on that, be sure to check out our full review later in the week. While we were there, we decided to video our own Lewis Phillips doing a lap around Si Racha (with James Burfield behind the camera). This was an early build of the game, so some of the finer details are not completed. So, if you are concerned about the rider merging into the ground after a crash, don’t be; it will be all polished up by the release date, March 28th. Remember, we videoed this using an iPhone, so the graphics and quality are not clear in this video.


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