Motocross des Nations: Tommy Searle Interview

Tommy Searle interview

MX Vice were fortunate enough to grab a quick interview with our British MXDN starTommy Searle to get his thoughts on the Nations and his season.

Searle has had a decent debut season on the 450 coming sixth overall in the championship. However, Searle was disappointed that he didn’t get a podium all year.

His last chance is in the Nations in Germany and Tommy is very motivated to do well especially after making improvements to his bike after the last GP.

Q.You are pretty experienced at the Nations now does that make it less nerve wrecking?

A.For me to be honest I don’t feel nervous coming in, I feel I always earn my spot on the team and I deserve to be picked so I just go out and do my best.

Q.Last year probably wasn’t your greatest ride but the year before in France you rode really good on the 450. This year you have a years experience on it and you go well at this track so you must be pretty confident that you can go for the win individually if you get the starts?

A.Yeah I am. Coming into this weekend we made a lot of changes on the bike from the last GP. We have made the bike so much better, so I am actually really confident going into the race that I can do really well.

Q.Shaun winning the last GP and Jake almost winning the British GP does that give you all confidence that a podium is possible and if things go your way a win.

A.Yeah, talking about the podium and the wins, I don’t always see the need to talk in ifs and buts, we just have to go out there and do our thing. I think that’s how we all feel about it. We have said for the past ten years that we can get a podium but it hasn’t happened. I think when people say that, yeah it could happen, it should happen and maybe it will happen but we have to go out there and ride how we know to ride and see where we end up at the end of the day.

Q.Kirk mentioned you where going to beat Cairoli before the year is out, you haven’t yet but you are fast here. Is that a goal or are you just looking to ride for the team?

A.In the position we are in it’s not like you ride for the team. We are not going to clean each other out but we are in our race and we are doing for ourselves and we just have to do our best. I feel I can do good and if I am position to go for the win that’s what I will go for but otherwise just get a good start and give it everything I’ve got.

Q.Going back to your season you finished sixth in the championship but your results didn’t always show the speed you had this year. How do you sum your season up?

A. I would say it was just alright. If you had said at the start of the year I wouldn’t be on the podium I would have said, yeah that’s going to suck, but we have learnt a lot with the team and we tested a lot since the last GP and we really learned a lot and what went wrong. It wasn’t just with me but how we set the bike up. I made some mistakes, the team made some mistakes but we are moving forward and we will be good next year.

Q.Will you be doing much different with your own preparation or is more just with the set up of the bike?

A.There is a lot of stuff different I am going to do as well, I am still figuring all that out but coming into next year we will be ready.

Q.What are you shooting for in the championship?

A.I want to be shooting for race wins and podiums each week. But you can ask ten other riders that and they are going to say the same thing. I just have to work hard, do my best and see where it takes me.

Q.One of you main strength, you never know when you are beat, if someone beats you one weekend you can beat them the next weekend. Is that something you have had to work on or have you always had that?

A.I think Kirk Gibbons helps me a lot with that. There have been times this year I thought I was ready to fight for the win but it didn’t happen. But a lot of that was to do with us as a team in how we tried setting the bike up and we realised we went the wrong way. That happens sometimes and now I am just happy we are moving in the right direction.

Interview by Jonathan McCready

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