More Bank Holiday disappointment at Langrish for Tombs

With a bike down, John Banks Honda-supported rider Lewis Tombs started his second half of his racing bank holiday weekend at Langrish in Hampshire for the penultimate round of the Maxxis British Motocross Championship on Monday.

Although he missed a chance at the super-pole session after qualifying in thirteenth, Tombs nonetheless got a good jump out of the gate in his first race to finish the first lap in seventh. After battling to save his position against tough competition, Tombs had to concede several positions, ending the race in twelfth. The second race also got off to a good start, this time in tenth. A crash mid-race however cost Tombs dearly, and restarting his bike in eighteenth and battling back to the front was his priority. Dismayed with a fifteenth place, Tombs again put everything he had into the start of the third race. Everything looked to be going his way whilst in seventh, but trouble brewed on the horizon as another mechanical fault struck with but a few laps to go, forcing him to return to the paddock and scoring no points at all. Race one and two combined still put Tombs in seventeenth place overall on the day.

Commented Tombs: “I qualified well, I was thirteenth and just missed the super-pole, which wasn’t too bad and I was happy with that. I got a good gate pick and I was feeling really good so missing super-pole wasn’t so bad. In the first race I had a good start, came around in about seventh, just wasn’t getting into it and struggling with lines and stuff, Adam Sterry and I were running the same pace the whole time and a few people passed me and I ended up twelfth. Second race was another good start, was running in around tenth, I think I got into ninth and halfway through crashed and fell down a hill, couldn’t get back up on the bike, lost a lot of places and went out of the points and worked my way back to fifteenth. In the last race I had my best start in around fifth in the first lap and was running there for a bit and then the faster guys got me like Neville Bradshaw. I was eighth and running well and with three laps to go the bike broke, so not too good. Oh well, never mind.”

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