Milton Park British Championships Updates

Karro wins, Simpson, whatley, coppins, sword, ebb, lenoir,back, snow, law, Bradshaw, pocock, Edmonds, krestinov, row son, smithwatson, c

Last lap…

Karro has lapped up to 15th…he has dominated today…

Coutts out…

Lap 13 Karro 16 secs on Simpson, coppins, whatley, sword, mack, lenoir, ebb, snow, law, Bradshaw, pocock, Edmonds, rowson, Watson, cottrell, krestinov, smith

Karro leads, Simpson, coppins,whatley, sword, mack, lenoir, ebb, snow, coutts, pocock, law, Bradshaw, Edmonds, row son, cottrell, Barr, Watson, smith, booker, moffatt

Lap 7 Simpsons lead down to 1 sec… Strijbos knocks de reuver off…

Lap 5 Simpson, Karro, de reuver, coppins, strijbos, sword, whatley, coutts, mack, lenoir, ebb, snow, pocock

Lap 4 Simpson leads by 5 secs from Karro

Simpson leads, de reuver, Karro, sword, coppins, snow, whatley, coutts, strijbos, ebb

Next up is the new format race…20 mx1 and 20 against each other…

Todd kellett just won the race 2 of 85cc… Great ride Todd.

mx1 race 2 result…

Karro wins, Simpson, strijbos, coppins, whatley, krestinov, sword, Barr, coutts, law, snow, smith, waterman,Wilde, bird, moffatt, garrett, Simmons, benstead, Mahon

2 laps left… Whatley up to 5th

Simpson 4 sec behindleading who’s leading… Track is rough… And the temp is hot!!!

Mx1 just started lap 10… Barr moves to 8th..

Karro, Simpson, strijbos, coppins, krestinov, whatley sword, coutts, Barr, snow, law, waterman, smith, Wilde, bird, garrett, moffatt,Rutherford, king

Mx1 race 2 Karro, Simpson, coppins, sword, krestinov, strijbos, Barr, whatley, coutts

Ebb takes the win, aubin, Bradshaw, lenoir, mack, Irwin, rowson, cottrell, booker, eriksson, burrows, harwood, carless, Watson, milward, keet, sterry, walkley, pocock, Edmonds, garland, Hawkins Norris, Dodd, remmer

Last lap for ebb… Who’s got ebb in their mx manager team?

Ebb, still leading, aubin, Bradshaw, lenoir,mack, Irwin, Rowson, cottrell booker, keet, eriksson, burrows,

Lap 10 ebb 3 secs in front of aubin… Bradshaw, lenoir, mack, Irwin, rows on, cottrell

Pocock up to 20th…

Lap 9 ebb’s lead down to 4 seconds…

Lap7 ebb 5 sec lead on aubin… Mack with fastest lap time of the race so far..

Lap 5 ebb, aubin, Bradshaw,mack, Irwin,lenoir, cottrell, rows on,keep, burrows,booker, harwood, milward, eriksson, sterry, carless, Norris

Ebb, mack, aubin,Bradshaw,burrows,Irwin,lenoir, cotter ell, rows on,keet

Mack takes aubin at the start of lap 3… Pocock 34th

MX2 race 2 ebb holeshot again, aubin chasing in 2nd…

Karro wins! Sword, Simpson, krestinov, coppins, whatley, Barr, de reuver, strijbos, law, smith, coutts, moffatt, garrett, Wilde, snow, Craig, skuse, hill, bird

Jamie skuse up to 18th from 34th…

Lap 12 Karro 10 second lead…sword, krestinov, Simpson, coppins, whatley, Barr, de reuver, strijbos, law, smith, coutts, moffatt, garrett…

Strijbos…. From last to 11th…not bad hey?

Quick catch up.. Lap 8 Karro leads, sword, krestinov, Simpson, whatley.. Coppins dropped the bike, nez dropped crashed on the start and has damaged his ankle….

iPad just overheatedand shut off…Oh dear.back up now..

Strijbos down and last!

Karro hole shot and leads coppins!

Mx1 lining up… De Reuver going for the inside on the start… By the way it’s bloody hot!!

Ebb wins, aubin, pocock, Irwin, Bradshaw, cottrell, mack, Edmonds, row son, garland!Tombs, Watson, Hawkins, hardwood , lenoir, Thompson, walkley, sterry, burrows, carless

Lap12 ebb, aubin, pocock, cottrell, Irwin, mack, Bradshaw, Edmonds, Towson,tombs, garland, Hawkins, Watson

Last lap…

Lenoir from 30th to 19th…3Laps to go…

Pocock now 16 seconds off of aubin…

Lap 10 it’s close between ebb and aubin…1.5 secs

Lap 8 ebb, aubin, pocock, cottrell, Irwin, mack, Edmonds, Bradshaw, sterry, row son,Hawkins, tombs, garland, hardwood, Thompson, burrows, walkley, reveille

Lenoir down in 30th… Towson up to 10th

Lap 4 ebb, aubin closing to 1 second…pocock charging..

MX2 ebb hole shot and leads aubin, pocock, cottrell, Irwin, mack, Edmonds, sterry, Hawkins, tombs, Bradshaw on lap 3.

MX1 Karro takes pole 141.328 from strijbos 141.385 Simpson,coppins, whatley, snow, Barr, sword, krestinov, law, de reuver, coutts.

Sun is shining, heat will be a factor today.  The riders have mentioned that the track isn’t to bad…but with it be heavily watered there are some deep ruts forming already. Some parts of the track have a lot of woodchip..


Strijbos, Simpson, Karro, coppins, sword, law, krestinov, whatley, Barr, snow, de reuver, coutts, Moffat, waterman, Parker.. Coutts makes it to the superpole. MX1 practicing starts now..


MX1 on the track… Coppins making an appearance today!

Mx2 qualifying is done…

Aubin, ebb, bry mack, Irwin, Bradshaw, Edmonds, lenoir, Hawkins, tombs, pocock, booker, carless.


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