MAXXIS British Championship riders announced! Who’s in?

The first batch of the riders accepted to race the 2014 British championship has been released!

Jason Dougan and Matiss Karro have been confirmed in MX2 and it will be interesting to see how they fair on the smaller machine especially against the likes of GP regular Mel Pocock.

However there is no mention of riders like Lewis Gregory, Stuart Edmonds or MXY2 final round winner Glenn McCormick so far. Heads and Threads Suzuki have also not had their MX2 riders, Luke Burton or Ryo Sato, approved yet either.  Team leader Graeme Irwin however has been confirmed for MX1.

So is your name in the list? If not the rest of the approved riders will be announced in one week’s time.

Approved riders:


Brad Anderson
Shane Carless
Scott Elderfield
Nathan Parker
Ashley Wilde
Tony Craig
Elliott Banks-Browne
Jamie Law
Graeme Irwin
Luke Hawkins
Jake Nicholls
Matthew Moffat
Kristian Whatley
Alex Snow
Ross Rutherford
Shaun Simpson
Dorren Coutts
Gert Krestinov
Nathan Watson
Luke Remmer
Priit Ratsep
Daniel Hutchinson
John Adamson
John Meara
Yentel Martens
Alfie Smith


Lewis Tombs
Robert Davidson
Neville Bradshaw
Jordan Booker
Bryan Mackenzie
Lewis Trickett
Steven Clarke
Luke Norris
Martin Barr
Matiss Karro
Steven Lenoir
Ben Watson
James Cottrell
Mel Pocock
Adam Sterry
Dan Thornhill
Matt Bayliss
Josh Waterman
Matt Burrows
James Dunn
Jason Dougan
Jake Millward
Sam Winterburn
Chris Bayliss
James Harrison
Aaron Pipon
Michael Eccles
Adam Darbyshire


Liam Knight
Tom Neal
Josh Gilbert
Gradie Featherstone
Todd Kellett
Will Keogh
Charlie Hamlet
Corrie Southwood
Sam Braithwaite
Toby Owen
Robert Holyoake
Jamie Carpenter
William Wall
Paul Coffey
Oliver Osmaston
Mitchell Lewis
Jay Lamb
Tony Saunders
Dylan Carnegie
Jason Meara
Ben James
Jay Hague
Billy King
Jamie Buckingham
Oliver Benton
Robert Yates
Henry Siddiqui
Charlie Putnam
Connor Clark

Article by Jonathan McCready

Picture by Elliot Spencer

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