James Dunn Interview

It has been a baptism of first for young James Dunn in the first couple of GPs. But he is a fast learner

and in Holland he got the first GP point of his career!

Pretty calm and relaxed, Dunn’s outlook reflects his smooth riding style. He isn’t going to fluster
easily and is realistic about what it is going to take to progress.

Dunn is focused and determined to achieve his goals and getting that point will only boost his
confidence further.

We had a brief chat with one of Britain’s brightest prospect about the GPs and how his performance
in Holland might help his British Championship results.

You got your first GP point today!

Yea it’s good. The first race was going really well then I crashed or something and dropped back a bit
but I got that one point in the second race so I am really happy with that. Hopefully I can just keep
on progressing and hopefully it will get better and better and I can get more points.

Just to get a point this year was sort of my goal so to do that at the third round I am pretty happy.

Going from 125 European championship the MX2 World Championship, that’s quite a jump. Were
the first two rounds a bit of a shock or where you expecting it to be the way they were.

I knew it would be a big jump, I had originally planned to do the European 250s but this opportunity
came along and I thought I would take it. It has been very tough but I knew it would be difficult so I
have set myself a goal of getting a top twenty by the end of the year but I have done it at the third
round so it’s really good. I’ve just got to keep on working hard.

It was a bit of a mini British Championship out there this weekend and you beat some of the
leading contenders.

Yea normally Lenior and Irwin would beat me in the British but to beat them is a big boost for the
British Championship. I just need to keep my momentum going into next weekend and hopefully
have some good results there.

Your style is pretty smooth. Do you think that helps you in the longer motos in the World

Yea when I have been doing the longer motos practicing it has been ok. The thing I have been
dealing with is arm pump, the racing is so intense out there. You have to be so fit to do those 40
minute races it’s crazy. I try to stay as smooth as I can during the end of the race but I’m just trying
to get rid of this arm pump and I think that will help a lot.

Just going back to the 125 European Championship when you won the second moto at the British
GP – that must have been an awesome feeling.

That was amazing. So far it is is the highlight of my racing career and hopefully I can have another
good weekend there in the world championship this year.

Does that inspire you to get there in MX2?

Yea, the crowd were definitely behind me 100%. It was crazy how much they were cheering me on.
I think it gives you motivation and drive to do it again in MX2. It is going to be difficult obviously but
to get in the top twenty this year would be brilliant really.

Article and photo by Jonathan McCready

MX Vice Editor || 25

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