Intro: Scott Logger 2.0

Scott Sports would like to reintroduce you to the ‘Logger MX’ goggle. This is a special revisit to the first and most revered limited edition MX goggle from SCOTT.  The original ‘Logger’ not only provided a level of performance only a SCOTT Goggle can achieve but, for the first time, became a statement of individuality. This lasting design can now be appreciated on their most technically advanced MX goggle to date, The Prospect, after more than ten years of continued goggle innovation. #DefendYourVision.

SCOTT are proud to offer the largest field of vison on the market with the Prospect goggle. Field of vision is the result of three-key elements:

– Lens perimeter: SCOTT increased the lens height while lowering the nose design to create the largest possible lens and reduce visual obstruction.

Frame thickness: The closer the lens is to the eye, the larger the field of vision is. If a frame is too thick, you get a “tunnel effect”. The Prospect was designed slim to avoid this.

– Lens curvature: SCOTT curved the lens to the maximum in order to achieve maximum peripheral vision.

MX Vice Editor || 25