Injury Update: Jessy Nelson

Update: 09/09/16

A couple of weeks have been and gone since Jessy Nelson last released a detailed update on his injury and, unfortunately, it seems there hasn’t been much progress. Jessy has his head down though and is focussed on getting out of his wheelchair one day, as you’ll see when you read this statement that he posted on his Instagram. Remember that, if you’d like to help Jessy, you can click here. Alternatively, you can also sign up to the #Bike4Jessy that Christian Craig and Cole Seely are holding.

Thank you @JakeZemke for coming to visit along with Doug Henry. I know you guys had a long drive and you really didn’t have to come and check on me. My family has been so helpful, I also want to thank everyone who has helped me this far and continues to show the support I truly need right now. @Road2Recovery and the generous people who believe in me and have donated hard-earned money to help me, I’m truly blessed and it makes me want to help others in my situation that need help as well.

“I’m doing therapy everyday here in New York and things are getting better for me to be more independent. I’ve finally started to figure some things out with the support of other SCI people and I really appreciate it. My parents have been by my side non stop and you guys are amazing along with Emily. I don’t know what I would do without you guys and the love from everyone and the amazing cards and messages you guys rock and I won’t stop ’till I can stand up once again. I’ll do whatever it takes and its crunch time for me just like off-season training. This isn’t nearly as fun but I’m trying to see the light and do what I can with what I’m dealt with so keep those kind messages and prayers coming I’m here doing my best.

Update: 28/08/16

Updates on Jessy Nelson’s condition have been sparse in recent weeks, unfortunately, but the man himself as again spoken out on social media and given fans some insight into the struggles that he faces currently. Based on the statement, which you can find below, he’s still in the midst of the toughest fights of his life.

“Thank you everyone for the kind get well wishes and all the love, from the cards and letters I appreciate it all so much. I’m currently at a rehab center to start my road to recovery it’s going to be long and tough but that’s what I’m dealt with and going to give it my best shot to try and walk again one day. Sorry if I haven’t gotten back to your messages on here it’s been really hard with everything I have to do and keeping my family and friends informed. If you could please help me by donating to my @road2recovery fund and helping me out with my rehabilitation and medical costs my parents aren’t wealthy by any means and as of now I’m no longer racing and I really need your help so please help with anything you can I greatly appreciate it.

“I have to give a huge thank you to my family @nelsonfamily136 for dropping everything and helping me along with my girlfriend @emily_everett5 thank you so much for being so sweet and encouraging and being by my side these past few weeks I wish you were still here but I will see you soon I love you very much. Also thank you to @igfilms, @onelife2lose, Tyler Keefe, @wingsforlife, @bobwalker,_connxns, @hammergolf556 and everyone that has helped me so far.”

Update: 15/08/16

Jessy Nelson is expected to have surgery tomorrow, according to those at Troy Lee Designs, so more will be known about his condition soon. The full statement from TLD is here: “Wings For Life Spinal Cord Research Foundation is working directly with Jessy’s doctors and they have tentatively scheduled surgery for tomorrow.”

If, in the meantime, you’d like to help Jessy, Road 2 Recovery have set up a page where you can do exactly that. Click here for more information.

A hard fall in the second moto at Unadilla left Jessy Nelson in need of urgent medical attention, hence why a red flag was immediately put out. Nelson was then sent to hospital, but updates on his condition were sparse. Until now, that is, as Nelson himself has taken to social media to provide fans with full details. His statement can be found below.

In the second Moto at Unadilla, I had a crash in a tricky turn, ultimately ending with a red flag for the race. I went down pretty hard of a direct result of the bike hitting me from behind. I am currently at a hospital in Cooperstown, NY, where we are waiting for some swelling to go down in my back before doing surgery. At this time I have limited feeling from my waist down. The hope is that after the swelling goes down, I will get some more feeling back. Thank you all for your support, kind thoughts and prayers. I will keep you posted in the next few days!

It seems that it is very much a waiting game at the moment, so we’ll update this post when more information becomes available. Get well soon, Jessy!

Words: Lewis Phillips | Image: KTM/Simon Cudby

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