Improved weather delivers improved results for JAR Honda by IFS

In a complete turn-around, round three of the Maxxis British Motocross
Championship at Lyng in Norfolk was lovely and sunny this past weekend. With
it being team rider Lewis Tombs’ local round, the expectations for a good result
were high.

The morning qualifying session saw Tombs qualify for the MX2 super-pole
session, which earned him eleventh place, while MX1 rider Wayne Garrett
improved on his round one qualifying result with a twenty-sixth.

The first race had very bad beginnings. Tangling on the start straight with several
other riders is far from ideal and by the time Tombs had gotten back on the bike,
most riders had already disappeared around the side of the hill. Determined to
the very last, Tomb then found himself in eighteenth at the end of the race. In
race two, determined to do better, a better start meant a good solid run in the top
ten that crystallised into an eighth place. In the final race, another solid run meant
more points, with Tombs ending the day in tenth overall.

Garrett didn’t have much luck either. In the first race, a start in mid-pack did
not quite translate to the points results he had hoped for. Finding himself in a
tight group of riders, passing was difficult and he was not able to make much
progress. In the second race the start improved, but once again, Garrett found
himself unable to make much progress, which was proving to be quite the
frustration of the day. To make matters worse, the final race just didn’t go as
planned. Down on the ground in the first lap, Garrett had to limp back to the pit
lane to try and fix his bike. Another try put him back on the floor and it was time to
call it a day, ending the day outside the points.

Wayne Garrett – MX1:

“Bit of a mixed day at Lyng today, still not happy with the way my qualifying’s
going, I don’t seem to be getting a good solid lap in, which is what it takes, but
slowly but surely it’s getting better each round. The speed’s not bad, lap times
are not bad but the results just don’t show the speed. I will need to be more
aggressive in the first few laps. In race three I was running around sixteenth in

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the first lap when I got tangled up with another rider. By the time I got going, I
was miles behind. Pulled in to get the radiator and stuff bent back, took off for the
second time and it just wasn’t happening for me, so I ended up with a DNF, not a
good way to finish off. On a positive note, things are heading in the right direction,
if I can get a bit more confidence and everything going in my favour, then Im not
too far off, hopefully for the next round.”

Lewis Tombs – MX2:

“Today was decent; I had a tenth overall. I had a good qualifying for a change
and got into super pole, ended up eleventh, which is good. First race had a good
start, but got tangled up on the start straight and had to work my way through and
ended up eighteenth. I knew I was riding pretty good, was happy with my speed
but the result wasn’t great. In the second race had a good start again, was tenth
and did most of the race there, but in the last couple of laps a few riders crashed,
so I ended up eighth, which is a pretty good result considering the first one. In the
last race I just couldn’t get into it, ended up eleventh, but I rode decently today so
am quite pleased.”

Richard Rea – Team coordinator:

“After the wash out at FatCat and the track being so good today, it has given us
a good gauge to where we fit in. With Lewis qualifying in the top 12 today it’s
moved JAR Honda into new territory taking in our first super pole which was nice!
Race 1 was a real pity for him getting involved in a first corner crash but he got
up and dug deep to salvage some points. The rest of the day was better and his
speed is coming along. These are the sort of results we are expecting and we
intend to build on this and take the momentum with us to the next round. Wayne
struggled to break into the points this weekend which was a little disappointing as
we all know he has the pace. The bike is handling much better recently so its only
a matter of time before it clicks. Now we will go home and reflect on this and see
how to move forward.”


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