Hawkstone, Are YOU Ready?

This weekend has finally arrived and the HIMX team are all geared up and ready to go for the Hawk International at Hawkstone Park this Sunday 26th February. The Hawk Plant diggers and bulldozers are in, the track is looking great and so far the weather is getting better, the riders are set and the action will kick off early Sunday morning at the fantastic Hawkstone Park venue.

A whole host of top foreign and British riders are entered including from foreign shores Tanel Leok, Gautier Paulin, Kevin Strijbos, Clement Desalle, Xavier Boog, Marc de Reuver, Arnaud Tonus, Nico Aubin and many more top names.

They will be going head to head with some of the best motocross riders from the British Motocross scene including Stephen Sword, Jason Dougan, Stuart Edmonds, Shaun Simpson, Martin Barr, Ned Parker, Graeme Irwin, Elliott Bank-Browne, Jake Nicholls, Neville Bradshaw, plus various other top riders who are racing in the British Championship this weekend.

The racing is set to be fraught and action packed at one of the most loved British Motocross tracks in the country at one of the biggest Motocross events set to be staged in the UK this year. Spectator gates are open from 7am on Sunday morning and there will be action on the track from 9am with racing all day, tickets are to be bought on arrival at a fantastic price of £20.

If you require any information contact Gary Ford on [email protected] or 07966 367456.

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Tickets are only available to buy on the gate and will be £20 per adult and under 14’s are free.

Parking on site is also free.

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Below are the full entry lists as it stands on 20th February 2012.

MX 1

Name – Machine

Robert Hamilton – G & G Ross Suzuki
Tanel Leok – Rockstar Suzuki WMX1
Josh Waterman – Dyer & Butler Suzuki
Carlton Husband – JLP Racing KTM
Stephen Sword – Tyco Suzuki
Ryan Staveley – Honda
Ben Henshall – Clevestone Transport Ltd Kawasaki
Bradley Wheeler – M.G.MX Putoline Kawasaki
Jason Dougan – Route 77 MVR-D Honda
Harry McKenna – Buff Honda
Gautier Paulin – Kawasaki Racing Team
Kevin Strijbos – HM Plant Red Bull KTM UK
Shaun Simpson – Monster Energy Bike-it Yamaha
Clement Desalle – Rockstar Suzuki WMX1
Lewis Gregory – Apico Suzuki
Alex Snow – Oakleaf Kawasaki
Ashley Greedy – Physio Work/Talbot Cabs Racing Kawasaki
Matt Moffat – Ashtree Motor Company KTM
Gert Krestinov – Route 77 MVR-D Honda
Jake Gowan – D3 Racing KTM
Alfie Smith – JK/SPH Ltd Racing Yamaha
Nathan Parker – Team STR KTM
Gareth Rees-Jones – ET James Honda
Yohei Kojima – Rockstar Suzuki WMX1
Martin Barr – Maxxis Henderson LPE Kawasaki
Ben Hunt – GLR Racing Honda
Matiss Karro – Team STR KTM
John Robson – Bikesport/Robson M/Sport/Fox KTM
Xavier Boog – Kawasaki Racing Team
Jamie Law – D3 Racing KTM
Daniel Hutchinson – KTM
Lewis King – Wulfsport TM UK
Marc de Reuver – Lanes Kawasaki
Rob Lewis – Honda
Lukasz Lonka – IMEX Moto/Kemco/ Honda
Markus Schiffer – Suzuki Europe
Alex Cox – AT Motocross Honda
Ross Rutherford – Honda
Jamie Tempest – Rip n Roll Yamaha
Christy Harnett – TMC Moto X Honda
David Frankland – Danger UK/Goldentyre Honda
Yentel Martens – Kawasaki
Stijn Verstrepen – MX Verstrepen – LS Honda
Luke Dean – Honda
James Price – TRM Honda Racing
Darryl Maxwell – H2O Direct KTM
Sam Simmons – Motoward Yamaha
Ashley Wilde – Sandbach Scrap Metals Kawasaki
Ross Keyworth – MX Vice Suzuki

MX 2

Name – Machine

Chris Bayliss – Wooldridge/Helyar Honda
Graeme Irwin – Samsung Yamaha Racing Team
Arnaud Tonus – Monster Energy Bike-it Yamaha
Ryan Houghton – Buildbase Honda
Luke Hawkins – Apico Suzuki
Donny Bastemeijer – Heil Motors-Honda/TNM MX Team
Liam Garland – RFX Kawasaki
Glenn Coldenhoff – Nestaan JM Racing KTM
Daniel Brough – Heatex Racing Kawasaki
Pascal Rauchenecker – Nestaan JM Racing KTM
Eric Leijtens – Kawasaki
Elliot Banks-Browne – HM Plant KTM UK
Jake Nicholls – Nestaan JM Racing KTM
Sean Mitchell – HM Plant KTM UK
Jens Getteman – Standing Construct Suzuki Europe MX2
Joe Banfield – Samsung Yamaha Racing Team
John Meara – TMC Moto X Honda
Alan Keet – Dyer & Butler Suzuki
Jordan Divall – Evotech Stevens Honda
Lewis Tombs – Honda
Luke Norris – Matt Norris Engineering Kawasaki
Patrick Major – Doncaster Moto Parc Suzuki
Dan Thornhill – Grittenham MX Track/ Meredith MX Suzuki
Nathan Watson – PAR Honda
Ray Rowson – Maxxis Henderson LPE Kawasaki
Jordan Booker – Buildbase Honda
David Blackburn – Blackburn Motorbodies Honda
Mark Carvill – Carvill Developments Ltd Kawasaki
Ryan Herrmann
Nico Aubin – Buildbase Honda
Damon Strydom – Apico Suzuki
Luke Mellows – Meredith MX Suzuki
Harri Kullas – Rockstar Energy Suzuki Europe MX2
Petar Petrov – Rockstar Energy Suzuki Europe MX2
Fred Guerin – Suzuki
Stuart Edmonds – Tyco Suzuki
Zac Stealey – VC Racing Kawasaki
Sunny Thompson – Lanes Kawasaki
James Dunn – HM Plant KTM UK
Nikolaj Larsen – Standing Construct Suzuki Europe MX2
Tom Kelly – Rev Racing Honda
Neville Bradshaw – Evotech Stevens Honda
Jake Milward – Oakleaf Kawasaki
Jack Kelly – Malin Floors Honda
Craig Browne – N Watt M/Cycles/D Browne Racing Kawasaki
Erki Kahro – Yamaha
Wietse Brackman – Varno Racing Team Suzuki
Ryan Pottenger – Wulfsport TM UK
Steven Lenoir – Samsung Yamaha Racing Team
James Cottrell – Pulse DB Racing Honda
Matt Bayliss – Wooldridge/Helyar Honda
Damon Graulus – Standing Construct Suzuki Europe MX2
Connor Walkley – Maxxis Henderson LPE Kawasaki

Programme of Events

09.00 – 09.50 MX2 Qualifying – 15 minutes free practice / 30 minutes timed/ 5 mins start

The top 36 plus 4 promoters’ choices qualify for the International races

Non qualifiers go into the Support races

10.00 – 10.50 Open Qualifying – 15 minutes free practice / 30 minutes timed/ 5 mins start

The top 36 plus 4 promoters’ choices qualify for the International races

11.00 – 11.10 Support Race Riders Only

Non qualifiers go into the Support races


12.00  Race 1 MX2 International 25 mins + 2 Laps

12.45  Race 2 Open/MX1 International 25 mins + 2 Laps

1.30    Race 3 Support Race 15 mins + 1 Lap

2.00     Race 4 MX2 International 25 mins + 2 Laps                                                                         Presentation top 3 MX2

2.50     Race 5 Open/MX1 International 25 mins + 2 Laps                                                           Presentation top 3


3.35    Race 6 Support Race 15 mins + 1 Lap

4.15    Race 7 Route 77 Superfinal Open/MX1/MX2 25 mins + 2 Laps                                                         Presentation top 3 Superfinal


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