Free Advertising for your Favourite MX Company

MX Vice is giving away free advertising to one company for March & April 2013! The Page Peel section top right of the home page will be given away to one company along with a feature, photographs and twitter and social media shout outs for a whole month worth over £300 in advertising not including the sales they will generate.

Why do this?

Well we love MX and if this helps promote a company in the Motocross Trade then MX Vice is helping British Motocross once more.

What do we need to do?

So what do you have to do.. Well its easy. Add  the company to the comments section below and why you would like them to enter. We will select 5 companies that we think are worthy from the comments we receive from users, that could range from great customer service to a shop/service going through hard times.

Next the 5 companies that are chosen will be put to a poll for MX Vice users to vote. The winner with the most votes wins the 2 month advertising package.


1) Everything will need to be submitted to [email protected]
2) Company must be an MX or off road related business.
3) Facebook campaigns and other social media campaigns are allowed, only one vote per user in the poll and they will need to have an MX Vice account to vote.
4) Competition is to be done in good spirits, after all this is for the MX and off road community.. MX Vice’s decision is final in the event of a tie or foul play.



  1. gizmx

    LTA Linge Training Academy
    MX Coach/trainer helping a lot of youth riders and trying to build bigger and better things for the future of UK motocross

  2. wayne

    Lta training for supporting youth motocross in so doing an awsome job in training future champions in the sport LTA all the way

  3. sarahmoto3

    My vote goes to Lta training academy mx coach/trainer very good service and skills and a great knowledge of nutrition. And fitness to

  4. dstroy33

    LINGE TRAINING ACADEMY. What they are doing for the youth Motocross scene is huge. Puts 110% into what he does, his love for the sport is what drives him and that is a awesome thing to see.

  5. swsracing

    i would reccomend pulse mx, hes a new motocross clothing company and he is our title sponsor for our first year, for the 6 riders in our team he has given them a couple sets of kit each from baselayers to socks to helmets and boots.without him and his help we wouldnt be able to progress as a team 100% gets our vote

  6. je33

    My vote is for LTA Linge training academy, he runs a great business from nutrition diet plans to some awesome motocross training sessions, one to one and also private sessions…. He is a great guy and always puts 110% effort into making everything work perfectly, he is a very cool guy to be around and I appreciate all the sponsoring and hard work he has put in for me and I am proud to say its all paying off, I’ve matured more and just turned into a better person, thanks gary

  7. rcutmore

    Our vote goes to Gary at LTA Training Academy, he does it right and has a good vision of where the academy is heading, but, above all, knows how to train a rider properly and you will achieve instant results in riding ability. Keep up the good work.

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