Fox: MVRS Helmets

BARCELONA (August 15, 2017). Fox Racing proudly announces the all new Magnetic Visor Release System (MVRS) to consumers worldwide. Included as a standard feature on 2018 Fox V3 helmets, this patent pending technology is a completely new approach to managing rotational forces in the event of a crash.

As opposed to traditional visors that are attached with screws, MVRS incorporates a magnetic system directly into the helmet shell that enables the visor to resist roost, but release freely in the event of a crash.

“Current helmet certification testing removes the visor before conducting any impact tests and that was an area we wanted to study. After years of analyzing collected crash data and reviewing real world crash situations, our engineers felt visor technology could evolve. MVRS is the next design approach to the evolution of the modern day motocross helmet.” said Mark Finley, Global Motocross Category Director.

“Throughout the 2017 race season, Fox athletes including Ken Roczen, Ryan Dungey, Tim Gajser, Chad Reed and Evgeny Bobryshev have all been wearing our V3 helmets equipped with MVRS. Unfortunately, Ken Roczen’s season ended in a horrific crash at Anaheim 2.  As everyone witnessed during the moment of impact, his visor immediately popped off when his helmet made contact with the dirt. At that precise moment, we saw MVRS do what it was intended for in a true race environment.” said Chris Onstott, Global Sports Marketing Director.

Additional premium features of the Fox V3 Helmet include Multi-Impact Protection System (MIPS) internal liner, dual density eps liner, and a composite shell produced in four specific sizes to provide a precise fit. All of those parts together, create a helmet that exceeds both ECE and DOT standards.

Words: Press Release | Lead Image: Fox Racing

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