EMX Report: GP of Britain

What can only be described as a hectic schedule of EMX races is well underway at Matterley Basin; there are four of the support classes tackling the scenic venue. Keeping track of those classes can be difficult, as coverage is limited, so here is a quick look at what has gone on throughout the weekend.

EMX300 Qualifying

The results from the timed EMX300 session were fairly surprising and certainly bode well for the patriotic fans that have lined the fences here. Lewis Gregory, who did not actually race in Spain, topped the times by a considerable margin; a second and three tenths to be exact. Brad Anderson chased him in second, but will be searching for a way to close the gap on his teammate in sectors one and three. Those parts of the track are where Gregory is superior. Yentel Martens and Mike Kras occupied spots in the top five, but you just know they will come alive when the gates drop.

Results: 1st Lewis Gregory (1:56.251), 2nd Brad Anderson (1:57.569), 3rd Francisco Utrilla Antonio (1:57.603), 4th Yentel Martens (1:57.993), 5th Mike Kras (1:58.382), 6th Matt Moffat (1:58.613), 7th Patrick Vos (1:59.585), 8th Nicolas Bender (2:00.216), 9th Mathias Plessers (2:00.296), 10th Jamie Skuse (2:00.727).

EMX150 Qualifying

Parity is not a word you would use to describe the EMX150 action this year, as Emil Weckman is superior and topped the times yet again today. He was a second clear of James Scott, who has actually managed to break free of the rest of the pack, and another four and a half seconds ahead of third! That went to Hakon Fredriksen. Just how spread out is this class? The top ten are separated by nine and a half seconds.

Results: 1st Emil Weckman (2:10.432), 2nd James Scott (2:12.182), 3rd Hakon Fredriksen (2:16.664), 4th Andrea Adamo (2:16.796), 5th Yago Martinez (2:17.537), 6th Jorgen-Matthias Talviku (2:18.498), 7th Luis Outeiro (2:18.738), 8th Jimmy Grajwoda (2:20.257), 9th Pascal Jungmann (2:20.282), 10th Henry Vesilind (2:20.346).


Jago Geerts increased his series lead to sixteen in the first EMX125 moto.


EMX125 Qualifying

The EMX125 times varied quite a lot from one session to the next, as track conditions deteriorated. Kevin Horgmo topped the first timed session with a 1:58.897, which was just sixteen hundredths faster than Luca Milec. It was that close! Gianluca Facchetti and Jago Geerts, some names that are more recognisable, completed the top four in this one. Brian Strubhart Moreau was the fastest in the second session, with a 2:00.870, and just two tenths quicker than Stephen Rubini. I get the impression that Rubini will continue to cut into Geerts’ lead this weekend, so that is an intriguing point to watch.

Group One Results: 1st Kevin Horgmo (1:58.897), 2nd Luca Milec (1:58.913), 3rd Gianluca Facchetti (1:59.454), 4th Jago Geerts (1:59.711), 5th Mikkel Haarup (2:00.115), 6th Raivo Dankers (2:00.405), 7th Pierre Goupillon (2:00.445), 8th Jan Pancar (2:00.658), 9th Jeremy Sydow (2:01.648), 10th Kim Savaste (2:01.670).

Group Two Results: 1st Brian Strubhart Moreau (2:00.870), 2nd Stephen Rubini (2:01.084), 3rd Roan Van De Moosdijk (2:01.088), 4th Marcel Conijn (2:03.098), 5th Andrea Zanotti (2:03.125), 6th Zachary Pichon (2:03.517), 7th Maurice Chanton (2:04.473), 8th Taylor Hammal (2:04.480), 9th Rasmus Hakansson (2:04.568), 10th Albert Girona (2:04.844).

Last Chance Qualifier: 1st Sander Agard-Michelsen, 2nd Petr Polak, 3rd Krisztian Tompa, 4th Luka Crnkovic, 5th Ludovic Bompar, 6th Christopher Mills, 7th Alex Santin de Arteaga, 8th Wyatt Chase, 9th Emilio Scuteri, 10th Alexis Collignon.

EMX250 Qualifying

Thomas Kjer Olsen topped the weaker first EMX250 timed session with relative ease, as he was almost nine tenths quicker than Bas Vaessen. Josh Gilbert was another second further back in third, which was a little surprising and perhaps speaks for how uneven the two sessions were. But, then again, Darian Sanayei was just as dominant in the second group, as he too topped the times over Steven Clarke and James Cottrell by eight tenths. Jorge Prado Garcia qualified fourth in this group, not that it really matters. You know that he’ll pull a holeshot from almost anywhere.

Group One Results: 1st Thomas Kjer Olsen (1:56.460), 2nd Bas Vaessen (1:57.344), 3rd Josh Gilbert (1:58.309), 4th Kevin Wouts (1:58.518), 5th Ruben Fernandez (1:59.148), 6th Max Engelen (1:59.510), 7th Filippo Zonta (1:59.634), 8th Lewis Tombs (1:59.641), 9th Jere Haavisto (1:59.822), 10th Mike Stender (1:59.825).

Group Two Results: 1st Darian Sanayei (1:59.219), 2nd Steven Clarke (2:00.075), 3rd James Cottrell (2:00.387), 4th Jorge Prado Garcia (2:00.663), 5th Miro Sihvonen (2:00.744), 6th Anton Gole (2:00.901), 7th Liam Knight (2:01.088), 8th Glen Meier (2:01.174), 9th Mathys Boisrame (2:01.293), 10th Josiah Natzke (2:01.562).

Last Chance Qualifier: 1st Kieran Banks, 2nd Jordan Divall, 3rd Robert Davidson, 4th Carlton Husband, 5th Anton Lundgren, 6th Matt Bayliss, 7th Eric Leijtens, 8th Natanel Bres, 9th Tomas Kohut, 10th Jake Millward.


The EMX250 LCQ was very British, but wasn't good for the rising MXY2 stars.


EMX300 Moto One

The first EMX300 moto was all about Brad Anderson, as he took the early lead and sprinted away from the rest of the field. Although the lap chart shows that he was never really challenged, Lewis Gregory actually got really close at the end and may have even made a pass had there been another lap. The gap was two seconds as they crossed the finish. Mike Kras and Yentel Martens were a quiet third and fourth; there truthfully wasn’t much going on behind the top two. Matt Moffat was just under a minute down in fifth.

Results: 1st Brad Anderson, 2nd Lewis Gregory, 3rd Mike Kras, 4th Yentel Martens, 5th Matt Moffat, 6th Francisco Utrilla Antonio, 7th Nicolas Bender, 8th Aaron Pipon, 9th Jamie Skuse, 10th Mathias Plessers.


Emil Weckman is undoubtedly deserving of that number one plate.


EMX150 Moto One

Emil Weckman was not really challenged in the first of two EMX150 motos, unsurprisingly, as he took the early lead and romped to a forty-four second victory. The top three riders (Luis Outeiro and Yago Martinez completed the moto podium) actually finished in the same spots that they ended lap one in, which should give you an idea of what the on-track action was like. Hakon Fredriksen was arguably the most exciting rider to follow, as he ended lap one thirteenth and crossed the line in fourth with the second fastest lap of the race! It remains to be seen if he can at least challenge Weckman for a brief period with a good start.

Results: 1st Emil Weckman, 2nd Luis Outeiro, 3rd Yago Martinez, 4th Hakon Fredriksen, 5th Jorgen-Matthias Talviku, 6th Rasmus Moen, 7th Anton Nordstrom Graaf, 8th Leopold Ambjornson, 9th Jimmy Grajwoda, 10th Calum Mitchell.

EMX125 Moto One

Jago Geerts controlled the first EMX125 moto on Saturday evening, but never really had enough of an advantage to get too comfortable. Geerts got a good start, which is something that he has struggled with recently, and put in some good laps early on, which ended up making the difference. His closest rival, Stephen Rubini, started on the cusp of the top five and got into second after just a few laps, but eventually ended up two and a half seconds down. Those two were in a class of their own, quite simply, as Roan Van De Moosdijk was another thirty-four seconds down in third!

Results: 1st Jago Geerts, 2nd Stephen Rubini, 3rd Roan Van De Moosdijk, 4th Pierre Goupillon, 5th Mikkel Haarup, 6th Brian Strubhart Moreau, 7th Andrea Zanotti, 8th Marcel Conijn, 9th Kevin Horgmo, 10th Zachary Pichon.


Thomas Kjer Olsen continues to be consistent, much to the dismay of his competition.


EMX250 Moto One

Jorge Prado took yet another holeshot in the opening EMX250 moto and attempted to sprint away in the opening laps, but was just a little off the pace and couldn’t fight off the advances of Darian Sanayei. Sanayei took the lead on lap four and never looked back, as he won by more than five and a half seconds. That was his third consecutive moto win. Prado held second until there were just two laps remaining, but was passed by both Steven Clarke and Thomas Kjer Olsen in the closing stages.

Results: 1st Darian Sanayei, 2nd Steven Clarke, 3rd Thomas Kjer Olsen, 4th Jorge Prado Garcia, 5th Nicolas Dercourt, 6th Kevin Wouts, 7th Mathys Boisrame, 8th Anton Gole, 9th Ruben Fernandez, 10th Miro Sihvonen.


That's three consecutive moto wins for Darian Sanayei!


EMX300 Moto Two

Mike Kras really managed to turn things around from one day to the next, as he took a clear victory in the second EMX300 moto this morning. Kras led every single lap and eventually ended up with a nine second advantage, but it was not quite good enough for first overall. Brad Anderson claimed that, after working his way forward from the lower half of the top ten to second in moto two. Lewis Gregory rounded out the top three in the moto and overall classification.

Results: 1st Mike Kras, 2nd Brad Anderson, 3rd Lewis Gregory, 4th Yentel Martens, 5th Nicolas Bender, 6th Mike Vanderstraeten, 7th Dietger Damiaens, 8th Rob Holyoake, 9th Patrick Vos, 10th Adam Harris.

Overall Results: 1st Brad Anderson (1-2), 2nd Mike Kras (3-1), 3rd Lewis Gregory (2-3), 4th Yentel Martens (4-4), 5th Nicolas Bender (7-5), 6th Jamie Skuse (9-11), 7th Mike Vanderstraeten (16-6), 8th Patrick Vos (13-9), 9th Aaron Pipon (8-15), 10th Matt Moffat (19-4).

Series Standings: 1st Mike Kras (177), 2nd Yentel Martens (172), 3rd Brad Anderson (149), 4th Francisco Utrilla Antonio (110), 5th Matt Moffat (104), 6th Lewis Gregory (82), 7th Mike Vanderstraeten (80), 8th Dietger Damiaens (79), 9th Aaron Pipon (78), 10th Patrick Vos (76).

EMX150 Moto Two

The second EMX150 followed a similar pattern to the first, except for the fact that James Scott led for a brief period in this one. He soon gave way to Emil Weckman though, so the latter officially led every lap of the moto. Scott held on for second, but was twenty-eight seconds adrift, whilst Hakon Fredriksen started third and finished there, quite simply. Fredriksen did manage to take second overall though, thanks to a consistent scorecard, with Yago Martinez on the lowest step.

Results: 1st Emil Weckman, 2nd James Scott, 3rd Hakon Fredriksen, 4th Jorgen-Matthias Talviku, 5th Yago Martinez, 6th Leopold Ambjornson, 7th Rasmus Moen, 8th Josh Peters, 9th Jimmy Grajwoda, 10th Pascal Jungmann.

Overall Results: 1st Emil Weckman (1-1), 2nd Hakon Fredriksen (4-3), 3rd Yago Martinez (3-5), 4th Jorgen-Matthias Talviku (5-4), 5th Rasmus Moen (6-7), 6th Leopold Ambjornson (8-6), 7th Luis Outeiro (2-17), 8th Jimmy Grajwoda (9-9), 9th James Scott (27-2), 10th Anton Nordstrom Graaf (7-13).

Series Standings: 1st Emil Weckman (97), 2nd Hakon Fredriksen (85), 3rd Yago Martinez (72), 4th Jorgen-Matthias Talviku (59), 5th Leopold Ambjornson (55), 6th Rasmus Moen (53), 7th James Scott (52), 8th Luis Outeiro (49), 9th Henry Vesilind (43), 10th Jimmy Grajwoda (39).


Taylor Hammal was the top British rider in EMX125 by quite some way.


EMX125 Moto Two

Multiple riders took turns in the lead in the second and final EMX125 encounter, which made it one of the more exciting races of the day. Pierre Goupillon led early, but could only fight off the advances of Kevin Horgmo for two laps. Horgmo then led for a majority of the race, but had the victory snatched from his hands with three laps to go by Stephen Rubini. Rubini would go on to win the race, the overall and also gain ground in the series standings. Jago Geerts had an awful start and slowly worked his way through the field; he eventually took third with two laps to go.

Results: 1st Stephen Rubini, 2nd Kevin Horgmo, 3rd Jago Geerts, 4th Pierre Goupillon, 5th Zachary Pichon, 6th Gianluca Facchetti, 7th Andrea Zanotti, 8th Kim Savaste, 9th Taylor Hammal, 10th Luca Milec.

Overall Results: 1st Stephen Rubini (2-1), 2nd Jago Geerts (1-3), 3rd Pierre Goupillon (4-4), 4th Kevin Horgmo (9-2), 5th Andrea Zanotti (7-7), 6th Zachary Pichon (10-5), 7th Kim Savaste (12-8), 8th Roan Van De Moosdijk (3-39), 9th Marcel Conijn (8-15), 10th Mikkel Haarup (5-18).

Series Standings: 1st Jago Geerts (212), 2nd Stephen Rubini (201), 3rd Pierre Goupillon (174), 4th Roan Van De Moosdijk (152), 5th Zachary Pichon (135), 6th Gianluca Facchetti (126), 7th Andrea Zanotti (105), 8th Kevin Horgmo (103), 9th Mikkel Haarup (103), 10th Brian Strubhart Moreau (77).

EMX250 Moto Two

Jorge Prado didn’t actually take the holeshot in this one, but he was right there. Darian Sanayei managed to just pinch him off to take the early lead, but lost it to Steven Clarke just a lap later. Clarke led every lap from that point on, but Sanayei was right there the whole time; two seconds separated them at the end of the moto. Thomas Kjer Olsen took third after taking out Bas Vaessen. What about Prado? He was seen rolling towards the end, but salvaged a thirteenth.

Results: 1st Steven Clarke, 2nd Darian Sanayei, 3rd Thomas Kjer Olsen, 4th Nicolas Dercourt, 5th Bas Vaessen, 6th Ruben Fernandez, 7th Anton Gole, 8th Nicholas Adams, 9th Carlton Husband, 10th Mathys Boisrame.

Overall Results: 1st Steven Clarke (2-1), 2nd Darian Sanayei (1-2), 3rd Thomas Kjer Olsen (3-3), 4th Nicolas Dercourt (5-4), 5th Ruben Fernandez (9-6), 6th Anton Gole (8-7), 7th Jorge Prado Garcia (4-13), 8th Mathys Boisrame (7-10), 9th Kevin Wouts (6-17), 10th Mike Stender (12-12).

Series Standings: 1st Thomas Kjer Olsen (316), 2nd Darian Sanayei (260), 3rd Bas Vaessen (191), 4th Jorge Prado Garcia (183), 5th Anton Gole (175), 6th Kevin Wouts (175), 7th Hunter Lawrence (167), 8th Nicolas Dercourt (164), 9th Miro Sihvonen (136), 10th Nick Kouwenberg (115).

Words: Lewis Phillips | Image: ConwayMX

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