Elliott Banks-Browne Interview

Elliot Banks-Browne left Valkenswaard a happy man after carding his best ever moto result in a GP with seventh place in race two.

It had been a slow start to the weekend but Elliott showed his class in that second moto after gating well  and being involved a big race with fellow Brits Max Anstie and Mel Pocock all moto long.

The HM Plant KTM UK rider’s confidence is beginning to soar and if he gets the starts he is going to become more of a threat every week.

We spoke to Elliott about his weekend and on trying to do eight British rounds alongside eighteen World rounds.

 You had a slow start to the weekend but you had a great ride in the final moto

Yea the weekend went pretty good. I was just struggling in the timed practice to get a good lap. We had a few issues this weekend  with suspension going wrong. I just wish we wouldn’t get these little problems and everything would go smooth. I changed it around in the second one and got a good start. I felt comfortable and felt pretty good. It’s the best finish yet of my career in GPs and I felt comfortable. Hopefully I can progress on that and get some better results.

The start seems to make a big difference, in timed qualifying you weren’t that high but if you get away in the top ten you can stay there.

I duno I just struggle in the timed practice. I need to sort that out because I know my race speed is faster than most of those guys out there. I have to sort that out because it will make it a lot easier with a good gate in the heat race. I have a few things to work and we will see. I will come out swinging at the next round and hopefully have two finishes like today and not just one.

How did you find the track the other way round? It was pretty frosty this morning!

Yea is was really icy this morning and it just made the track form a bit weird at first. I think it thawed out a good bit during the day and the track was a lot better at the end. The bumps started to come back to way they should be and it was a bit deeper. In the first race I didn’t even run a paddle tyre and that’s unheard of around here.

Moving to the British Championship, you have 18 Grand Prix to race plus the British championship will that affect you defending your title in the British or are you trying to manage that?

Yea it is a lot of racing. I just have to stay injury free and take the British for what it is. I am looking forward to doing the British championship. I like racing there and if I can go there and stay injury free it shouldn’t be a problem to race the full series and be where I should be.

The series started off well for you with a win

Yea the confidence is good . Irwin and Lenoir were here this weekend and I beat them quite comfortably today. Hopefully I can do that at the next British championship races. My main goal this year is the world championship but at the same time I have still got to win the British. It is KTM UK at the end of the day and they really want us to do that.

Last year was that a big thing to get that championship? Did it relieve the pressure and allow you to focus on the world championship more?

Yea it was a big thing to win that British championship and it has took the pressure off for sure and I can concentrate on the world championship more. Hopefully I won’t make the mistakes I was in the British championship last year too, trying to get through to quickly and being a bit stupid sometimes. Hopefully I will play it a bit cooler in the British this year.

Interview by Jonathan McCready

Picture © Elliot Spencer

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