Editor in Chief…Jeff Perrett

Well folks, here it is, my first visible and public contribution to MX Vice as Editor in Chief. No doubt it will be the first of many and I for one am excited about it (whether you guys are is a different matter!). It’s hard not to be excited about this website and the online magazine that will be coming in 2012 because it all has so much potential  – which I’ll get round to in more detail later on – but first let me explain how or more importantly why I took the job as the captain of this ship full of hope and to steer it on the vast ocean of motocross towards the promised land. Quite simply it comes down to one word – money!! Right that’s that covered… ah, I jest of course. Joking aside, yes it is a paid job and it has to be because if MX Vice is going to be all we hope it’s going to soak up time like a bandage draws blood on a heavy wound, to the point where it seeps through and you can only be a martyr for so long doing that. Sounds like I’m already moaning right? I can imagine you’re saying right now ‘What are you going on about? I’d love to have a job in the industry, just talking and writing about motocross all day you lucky b*****d!’ and I don’t blame you because it is a great job, but like any it has it’s draw backs and sometimes too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. I’m not moaning, I’ve just been here before and I know that keeping a website fresh and interesting and producing a magazine that you truly believe in requires total commitment and passion and when you do that, there’s really not much room for anything else in life.

Luckily, for most of us, motocross is life so that makes it that little bit more manageable and more importantly – more fun – and that’s where, hopefully, you’re all going to help! We want you to feel part of MX Vice because let’s face it, it’s your ‘vice’ too. This site has been born out of passion, dare I say it, even love, now like a child born of the same way it needs a support network, better known as ‘a family’ to see it grow, achieve and stand proud. So with that in mind we hope you share our love for the sport and show that by supporting the site as much as you can as part of the British motocross ‘family’. We’re going to be truly focusing on British motocross from the pros, right down to the grass roots to the fans, so whichever way you cut it, that means you guys. Of course it’s very early days, comparing MX Vice like a child which I have, we’re technically still in nappies but it won’t be long before we’re really walking and talking.

As a team we had our first planning meeting this past Sunday and it was a good one. We even won a pheasant in the meat draw of the pub we were in, the cheapest bird any of us had picked up for a while… well, nearly! (and yes, the pub! It’s a British tradition after all, so where better to chew the fat on British MX?) Apart from getting our hands on some good game we also got to grips with what we want this site and online monthly magazine to be and now we’re really setting about making those things happen. Talking of which, if you have any ideas or opinion on what you’d like to see on MX Vice then let us know by [email protected] So there will be changes to the website and plenty of additions as we go along, so as I said, bear with us on that. We are just starting out but nonetheless, I know I’m working with a bunch of fellas in James Burfield, Mark Turner, Ade Threasher, Adey Cowshall and Mikey Rutherford who are all 100% committed to MX Vice and seeing British motocross improve and the reason I know that is because they care enough to even get MX Vice off the ground. In my 39 years on this little spinning rock one thing I’ve found is desire accounts for a lot of the good things in life, so as far as I’m concerned, we are already onto a good thing and we’d like to think you’ll all come along for the ride.

Until next time, stay safe, stay sound.

Jeff Perrett


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