EBB and Karro’s orange crush at ‘the heights’

The second round of the ACU Maxxis British championship at Canada Heights was another belter. Just like round #1 at FatCat the track was drenched in beautiful sunshine as we continue to get this amazing weather so early in the year. As good as the opening round was though, this round was better. It had more incident and as always the bumper crowd at Canada Heights were certainly entertained with some brilliant racing right throughout the pack – no question, the classes are much tighter this year and even the regular front runners are having to work extremely hard to cut through the pack.

One rider who has been working hard but maybe not reaping the rewards of that is Elliott Banks-Browne on his HM Plant KTM – until yesterday at least. EBB finally took his first overall British championship win and he deserves too. After his performances last year it was always only going to be a matter of time for EBB to bag an illustrious British championship win and well done that man. Second on the box went to Neville Bradshaw on the Evo-Tech Honda. It was another solid performance for Nevstar and he’s right there in the mix for this championship that’s for sure. As is our new series leader Mel Pocock on the Monster Energy/Cosworth/ Bike it Yamaha. Mel is now finding a true level of consistency and now with both of his teammates out for a while he’s flying the flag for the team. With Zach Osborne going out leading up to the event after a nasty training crash, everyone had Arnaud Tonus as a shoe in for the three race wins this weekend and to run away with the championship but the Swiss rider scrubbed a jump a little too hard trying to pass early race one leader, Samsung Yamaha’s Graeme Irwin and lost the front end on take off and whiped out Irwin in mid flight over the finish jump, trust us, it was messy! (it was caught by MX Vice’s Ade Threasher and we’ll post that up soon, so you can see for yourself). It resulted in a suspected dislocated shoulder and broken wrist for Tonus, just a week before the first World GP too, and Irwin was knocked out and had a severe concussion. Not good at all. So now with the dominant force of Tonus and Osborne dropping points and maybe up against it to be fit for the next round at Lyng on the 6th May this MX2 title is going to get even more interesting.

After the first round you couldn’t be blamed for thinking that HM Plant’s Kevin Strijbos would walk all over this series in the MX1 class but this week he didn’t even make the podium! It was fellow KTM rider Matiss Karro on  his STR KTM that took the overall with a race win in moto two and popular overall win. Popular because it’s almost impossible not to like Karro, he’s always smiling and he’s always giving it everything he has and leaving it on the track and it was another typical performance by him at the weekend. The points were so tight in this class on the day but Karro took it on a tie break with Tyco Suzuki’s Stephen Sword. Swordy was looking good and you can tell in his body language he’s getting in the groove with the bike and his new team each time he heads out on the track. Shaun Simpson looked good too, taking the final moto win but a poor second moto after a first turn crash and then crashing into the fence on the new step up jump cost him the overall. Strijbos brought it home in fourth to keep hold of the red plate. The first moto win went to Lanes Kawasaki and the lanky and lovable Marc DeReuver, much to the delight of the team but more so himself as he fist pumped over the finish line, but it all turned sour in moto two when he went down on the first corner and got taken out mid race by another rider as he tried to charge through.

The young guns of the MXY2 class certainly held up their end of the bargain of making it an entertaining day. After a couple of false starts and an unfortunate red flag it was eventually James Harrison on his Lanes Kawasaki who took the overall with some confident and composed riding. Robert Davidson bagged second on one of his first major outings on a 250F and Dan Thornhill rounded out the box just pipping Chris Bayliss in the tie breaker.



191Matiss Karro58132520
28Stephen Sword58222016
324Shaun Simpson57201225
422Kevin Strijbos56122222
5227Kristian Whatley46181414
6212Marc De Reuver402515
750Martin Barr3871813
8701Dorron Coutts37101512
937Gert Krestinov341618
1031Alex Snow34111310
1142Nathan Parker301416
1225Jamie Law279711
1341Alfie Smith245109
145Josh Waterman21696
1517Jason Dougan19154
1635John May15411
17704Ashley Wilde14167
1836Mathew Moffat1385
19118Jamie Smith1028
2027Lewis Gregory88
2133Wayne Garrett725
22331Ashley Greedy734
23129Ross Hill33
2426Aston Bird33
25700Sam Simmons22
2621Ross Keyworth11
27180Maarten Cremers11
144Elliott Banks Browne66162525
2272Neville Bradshaw60201822
3119Mel Pocock60182220
4131Nicolas Aubin60252015
5121Bryan MacKenzie47151616
6685Steven Lenoir402218
7871Connor Walkley329914
8114Jordan Booker3114512
99Stuart Edmonds273159
1068Shane Carless271368
1151Alan Keet2511113
1224Luke Remmer231211
1366Lewis Tombs221210
14711James Cottrell16142
15321Bradley Pocock1587
16153Hamish Harwood15726
1719Ryan Houghton14104
18177Sunny Thompson1313
19356Anthony Reville1257
2071Alexander Eriksson1111
21111Ray Rowson1010
22811Adam Sterry88
23144Luke Mellows743
2499Nathan Watson66
2550Sean Mitchell615
26303Jake Milward523
27271Tom Kelly541
1153James Harrison401525
2114Robert Davidson361620
395Dan Thornhill351322
43Chris Bayliss352015
55Ben Howell321814
6101Robert Muscat31229
799Ben Watson301218
8681Tommy Alba2525
9148Michael Eccles211110
10337Glenn McCormick20911
1111Sam Winterburn19316
1217Fraser Wakeford19145
1354Joe Bamfield17413
14100James Rutter1688
15111Lloyd Pettett1212
1677Arminuas Jasikonis1156
17131Jack Gardner1010
1818Ryan Monckton1073
1920Alec Carefoot77
20151Ben Harrison66
21103Oliver Osmaston624
22888Connor Campbell22
23994Damon Brooks11
2423Luke Newman11

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