Devon MX – Rd 2 BSMA Qualifier – 11th March – Crediton

A lovely sunny day and an improved track layout with a new start straight greeted the riders at the Devon MX second round qualifier at Crediton on Sunday. After a drop of water the track was in perfect condition to see some fantastic battles throughout the racing all day.

The Autos and Juniors raced together which meant the little guys could get right in the mix and provide the spectators with some great action. In the first race it was Louie Kessell who took the auto win ahead of fellow autos Connor Jago and Thomas Higman. Ryan Mundell proved that he has great skill taking the Junior race one win ahead of Jason Down, Jordan Hayman, Kai Ford, Stanley Earl and Adam Treen.
Race two provided a different leader from the start in the form of Junior Jason Down which left Junior Ryan Mundell and Auto Louie Kessell to battle it out. Unfortunately part way through the race Jason suffered a fall which let Ryan and Louie through. It was all looking good for Ryan but he managed to give his parent a little worry when he dropped his bike just three corners from the flag, he managed to remount quickly and still took the win over first auto Louie Kessell.
Jason Down managed to get his glory with a win in the final race ahead of the fast Auto of Louie Kessell and second place Junior Ryan Mundell who was followed home by third place Junior Jordan Hayman and Kai Ford. The second and Third place Autos of Connor Jago and Thomas Higman were followed by fifth and six places Juniors Stanley Earle and Adam Treen.

Making a good line up the Small Wheeled and Big Wheeled 85cc riders also raced together. This group was dominated throughout all of the races by the super smooth Big Wheeled rider Dan Mundell. The battle was on behind Mundell though for the Big Wheel second place spot with Josh Bunter and Joe Eiffert often swapping positions during the day. In the end Josh managed to take overall second spot after finishing two seconds and a third, Joe did get the better of Josh in the last race of the day but it was just not enough and after two thirds and a second he finished third overall on the day. Rounding out the top six in the Big wheeled group and the riders were still having their own battles with Zac Hudson taking a forth and two fifths to finish forth, Jack Banbury taking a forth fifth and six to finish 5th overall and Tom Walters taking two sixth places and a ninth to eventually finish sixth overall.
Again the smaller riders on the Small Wheeled 85cc bikes were certainly not afraid to get in amongst the bigger bikes and give them a run for their money, eventual small wheel winner Brendan Cooper managed to finish the mixed race in a very creditable fourth place in the first two races with Harry Kimber close behind. In the last race Harry just managed to edge in front giving him enough points to finish second overall in the small wheel group. Adian Williams and Clayton Coaker were also in the mix for the first two races but an unfortunate third race saw Adian fall out of the top spots. Clayton managed to secure that third place small wheel overall finish ahead of a consistent Brandon Baker in forth with Todd Sawyer fifth and Kieran Yorke Sixth.

The senior race saw some fun action and positions with Josh Taylor proving to be the one to contend with and eventually taking the overall win but only after battling his way to the front each race as he had to pass the hole shot man Daniel Gibbon. The Kawasaki rider had the starts sussed but just could not hold the position and so settled for sixth place finish overall. During the first race the crowed were excited to watch and cheer on the five way battle of Daniel Gibbon, Charlie Wheeler, Jack Blackburn, Jack Stevens, and Jordan Hembrow. Unfortunately after pushing so hard both Jack Blackburn and Daniel Gibbon both landed in a heap on the floor allowing Jack Stevens and Jordan to finish ahead of them in third and fourth positions.
The second race saw Taylor remain on top after the first lap with Jack Stevens pushing really hard to second place. Jack Black Burn had better luck and finished in third ahead of Charlie Wheeler and Jordan Hembrow and Daniel Gibbon. Further down the pack and Hayden Bannett, Colt Bright and Serena Cooper had their own race long battle
The final senior race was no disappointment with Jordan Hembrow, Jack Blackburn and Jack Stevens continuing their battle with the excitement coming to an all-time high on the last lap when Jack Blackburn and Jack Stevens managed to gain on the leader Josh Taylor and Charlie Wheeler. With the finish in sigh and just two corners to go Jack Blackburn made a great pass to take the position from a tiered Charlie Wheeler who finished in third ahead of Daniel Gibbon, Jordan Hembrow and Jack Blackburn.

The AMX saw a rider who out shone all of the other with his shear speed. Lee Skinner found himself at the back of the pack during the start of every race but proved a great performer by coming through the pack each time to eventual take three wins. The ever so smooth style of Ben Dennison saw him in the lead more than once and put up a fantastic fight to keep of Lee in race one and another great battle with Tristan Rowe in race two, eventually he finished with a well-deserved two seconds and a third place. Ayrton Gordan started the day well with a third place but suffered as the day progressed with his results and eventually had further results of a forth and fifth place. Tristan Rowe eventually finished third overall with his day getting batter race by race. A very consistent Harry Mitchell fought hard to finish fifth overall followed by Simon Gill in sixth.

Luke Hill was the one the smaller riders were watching for tips as he did not put a foot wrong all day in the open adult group and came away with a maximum.
James Buckingham gave it as good as he could throughout the day especially in race two after stalling on the first corner, he got up to fifth place in lap 4 before he stalled the bike again forcing him to pull out of the race and out of the high overall positions. Phillip Doe had a super consistent day with three thirds allowing him to benefit from James mistake and taking second overall. Aaron Jenkins, Graham Heasman and Jack Twentymen were followed home by Curtis hunt to take the top six in the overall results.

Devon MX would like to thank all of the people and riders who have made this club come to life and they look forward to seeing you all at Little Silver for the first round of the GT Trophy on 25th March.

Open: 1st Luke Hill, 2nd Phillip Doe, 3rd Aaron Jenkins, 4th Graham Heasman, 5th Jack Twentymen, 6th Curtis Hunt
AMX: 1st Lee Skinner, 2nd Ben Dennison, 3rd Tristan Rowe, 4th Ayrton Gordan, 5th Harry Mitchell, 6th Simon Gill
Seniors: 1st Josh Taylor, 2nd Jack Stevens, 3rd Charlie Wheeler, 4th Jack Blackburn, 5th Jordan Hembrow, 6th Daniel Gibbons
BW85: 1st Dan Mundell, 2nd Josh Bunter, 3rd Joe Eiffert, 4th Zac Hudson, 5th Jack Banbury, 6th Tom Walters
SW85: 1st Brendan Cooper, 2nd Harry Kimber, 3rd Clayton Coaker, 4th Brandon Baker, 5th Todd Sawyer, 6th Kieran Yorke
Juniors: 1st Ryan Mundell, 2nd Jason Down, 3rd Jordan Hayman, 4th Kai Ford, 5th Stanley Earle, 6th Adam Treen
Autos: 1st Louie Kessell, 2nd Connor Jago, 3rd Thomas Higman

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