Daytona Supercross – Form guide before 2023

Daytona is the Monaco of AMA Supercross.  MXGP has lost Namur but Daytona is for sure THE classic race in the calendar that they all want to win. Despite the addition of other Speedway-based circuits, it is also still fairly unique in its layout and surface.  Here’s a quick glance at what the major players in 2023 have done at Daytona through the years…

Words: Ben Rumbold | Featured Image: Align Media

First of all, the top 5 in this year’s series have all climbed the podium here in previous seasons.  Obviously Eli Tomac is the only 450 winner lining up this weekend, but Cooper Webb has chased him home in most of those years, even when he was struggling on the Yamaha.  Can Webb go a step further tonight?  Chase Sexton was 3rd last year and earned 2nd for two years in a row on the 250.  Jason Anderson hasn’t mounted the podium since 2017, and Kenny just got beaten by Eli in 2020, and to Ryan Villopoto in 2014. Amazingly Kenny even got 8th on a 350cc KTM back in his MX2 title year, 2011, before he even turned 17!

20201st3rd2nd (250E)4th2nd
20191st2nd2nd (250E)Injured8th
20182nd3rdRiding 250W7thInjured
20171stInjuredNot racing3rdInjured
20161stRiding 250WToo Young4th5th
20152ndRiding 250WToo Young7thInjured
2014InjuredRiding 250WToo YoungRiding 250W2nd
2013Riding 250WToo YoungToo YoungRiding 250WRiding 250W
2012Riding 250WToo YoungToo YoungRiding 250W4th (250E)
2011Riding 250WToo YoungToo Young6th (250E)8th (350)
2010Too YoungToo YoungToo YoungToo YoungRacing MX2

From 6th to 9th in the standings, we can see the mixed bag endured by Aaron Plessinger, despite many thinking the track would suit him. Justin Barcia won on a 250 11 years ago! Christian Craig got a 4th in the 450 class 5 years ago, higher than he has managed in his full 450 “rookie” year so far! Joey Savatgy climbed a 250 podium the year before that, so they will all be looking at the positives going into tonight.

2022Injured5thRiding 250WInjured
20213rd6thRiding 250E12th
20206th5thRiding 250WNot racing
201922nd (Crash)InjuredNot racing5th
2018Riding 250WInjured4th (450)Riding 250W
2017Riding 250W11th14th (250E)2nd (250E)
20165th (250E)InjuredRiding 250WRiding 250W
2015Riding 250WInjuredNot racing4th (250E)
2014Too Young12thNot racingNot racing
2013Too Young3rdRiding 250WRiding 250W
2012Too Young1st (250E)Riding 250WToo Young
2011Too Young2nd (250E)Riding 250WToo Young
2010Too Young5th (250E)Too YoungToo Young

Colt Nichols hasn’t made it to Daytona in the last 7 years, so will be trying to pump in the practise laps for sure today. Dean Wilson has been steady here since he got 3rd on a 250 THIRTEEN years ago. Dylan Ferrandis did the same thing just 6 years ago, but RJ Hampshire has yet to take the bubbly at the Speedway as he looks forward to his 450 debut.

2022Injured10th4th7th (250E)
2021Riding 250E10th11thRiding 250E
2020Injured7thRiding 250W4th (250E)
2019Riding 250W11thRiding 250WRiding 250W
2017Injured13th3rd (250E)Injured
2016Riding 250WInjuredRacing MX27th (250E)
201515th (250E)InjuredRacing MX25th (250E)
2014Too Young7thRacing MX2Too Young
2013Too Young4th (250E)Racing MX2Too Young
2012Too YoungRiding 250WRacing MX2Too Young
2011Too Young8th (250E)Racing MX2Too Young
2010Too Young3rd (250E)Too YoungToo Young

Of the leading 250 men coming into tonight, you’ve got to tip your hat to Jeremy Martin’s record at Daytona. A win and five more podiums in seven appearances, one of which on a 450 six years ago, splitting Tomac and Anderson on his Geico Honda. Apart from that, Hunter Lawrence and Max Anstie have only been here once apiece, and Nate Thrasher will be turning his first laps there this weekend.  Jordon Smith won back in 2018 so if he can keep it together he could well be a threat.  For sure it’s gonna be a fascinating night of racing at the Speedway!

YearH. LawrenceAnstieThrasherJ. MartinJ. Smith
2022Riding 250WNot racingRiding 250WInjured6th
20216th14th (450)Riding 250WInjured10th
2020Riding 250WInjuredNot racing3rd22nd (Crash)
2019Not racingRacing MXGPNot racingInjuredInjured
2018Racing MX2Racing MXGPNot racing2nd1st
2017Racing MX2Racing MXGPNot racing2nd (450)4th
2016Too YoungRacing MX2Not racing1stRiding 250W
2015Too YoungRacing MX2Not racing3rd12th
2014Too YoungRacing MX2Not racing6thToo Young
2013Too YoungRacing MX2Not racing3rdToo Young
2012Too YoungRacing MX2Not racingToo YoungToo Young
2011Too YoungRiding 250WNot racingToo YoungToo Young
2010Too YoungRiding 250WNot racingToo YoungToo Young