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The eagerly awaited Cornwall & Devon MX Series hosted by Cornwall Schoolboy Scramble Club got underway this weekend. The small but dedicated committee can be very proud of themselves as they put on a meeting which bought together old friends, new members and some really good racing.
After weeks of rain then the freezing ice and snow they must of wondered whether it was ever going to happen but with a little bit of magic from them and Rob Griffiths at the Little Silver track conditions couldn’t of been better and as for the weather, well it was a bit chilly but you can’t have it all.
The Amx(125/250 adults) and Open Adults started the day off to a fast and furious pace. With the amount of riders in both groups i think word of the series winners prize money must of got out. The chance to win £1000 for doing something you enjoy sounds good to me.

In the AMX Dual-Sport Husqvarna rider Leighton Holmes took 3wins on his 125 machine keeping off fellow riders Chris Povey and Liam Wright who took 2ND and 4Th in this class. Good performances also from Tristan Rowe, Aaron Austin and Liam Curtis Stevens until an accident took him out of the last race of the day.
The Open Class we saw some of the Southwests quickest riders taking to the track. Luke Blanchard set fasted time in pratice but the first race saw a battle field of riders with John May proving that he is the one to beat taking the overall with Luke Blanchard 2ND and Sam Chapman 3rd

There was a lot of anticipation in the pits from family members who’s pilots had to move up a group this year and I think this shows particularly when they jump up from the 85cc classes to the seniors but they had no need to worry as all the upgraded riders not only in the Seniors but all groups did themselves proud. It will be interesting as the series developes to see the true potential of some of these up and coming youngsters
Todd Kellett took all 3 race wins in the senior group with Kyle Lane second and Jamie Buckingham in third.
When the gates dropped for the Big and Small wheel 85s we all knew we were in for some excellent racing Billy King just getting the better of Jake Curtis Stevens in the B/wheels with Aidan Williams 3rd and in the S/wheels it was Jack Booker’s day to claim the title with the ever improving Todd Sawyer 2ND and Thomas Andrew 3rd.
Although Louie Kessell set the fastest time in pratice. It was James Rowe who took the first race win of the day but he couldn’t quite get the better of the young Cornish lad in the next two races so Kessell took the over all with James Rowe 2ND And Jason Down showing his father how its done in 3rd
A young Ben Pratt won the Auto class with Ben Zeale 2ND and Henry Life 3rd Well done to you all just to make it round Little Silver was a battle but you did it in style. Can’t wait to see what you all do at the next round.

OPEN 1st John May, 2nd Luke Blanchard, 3rd Sam Chapman, 4th Ryan Allen, 5th Ty Kellett, 6th Ollie Jones

AMX 1st Leighton Holmes, 2nd Chris Povey, 3rd Tristan Rowe,4th Liam Wright, 5th Aaron Austin, 6th Harry Mitchell

SENIORS 1st Todd Kellett, 2nd Kyle Lane, 3rd Jamie Buckingham, 4th Jason Brook, 5th Daniel Britton, 6th Joe Eiffert

B/WHEEL 85 1st Billy King, 2nd Jake Curtis-Stevens, 3rd Aidan Williams, 4th Corey Hockey, 5th Miles Jones 6th Josh Bunter

S/WHEEL 85 1st Jack Booker, 2nd Todd Sawyer, 3rd Thomas Andrew, 4th Loius Thomas, 5th Harry Williams, 6th Troy Jones

JUNIORS 1st Louie Kessell, 2nd James Rowe, 3rd Jason Down, 4th Lewis Wiltshire, 5th Jake Pascoe, 6th Connor Jago

AUTOS 1st Ben Pratt, 2nd Ben Zeale, 3rd Henry Life

Pictures by Elliot Spencer

Report by Nicky Chapman


MX Vice Editor || 25

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